Mobile SDK for Windows Apps2.0
Transforming Windows apps into Mobile apps

This is a summary of extra things needed for publishing applications on mobile devices.

Overall, publishing mobile-enabled applications is the same as standard applications. The XenApp administrator can add the application to the set of available applications for the users.

However, there is one setting that will help greatly with the mobile experience.

When adding the new application, be sure to include a keyword to the "Application description" field.

The following text should be included:


There are number of features that get enabled when this keyword is used.

  • The session window is sized to match the mobile device.
  • The application is maximized to fit this screen size
  • Application is set into the "DRAG" scroll mode automatically
  • On Android Receiver, the blue circle animation is disabled
  • On Android Receiver, some of the settings are hidden on the Settings menu option and gestures guide
  • Disables mobile device zoom in and out
  • Rotation or keyboard popup automatically resizes session on server

The keyword is interpreted by the Citrix Mobile Receiver. It is transmitted from the data center to the device using XML along with the other requested settings for the application.

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