Mobile SDK for Windows Apps2.0
Transforming Windows apps into Mobile apps

While you can use both the COM and the C version of SDK from .NET applications, they do not provide an API that is natural and intuitive for .NET developers. We have added a .NET language binding in the SDK called CMP.NET.

CMP.NET is designed for use in WinForms and WPF applications. It will use the UI thread of your application to execute call backs and events. If you use CMP.NET from a console application then the call backs and events will never get executed.

The CMP.NET SDK is made up of two assemblies:

  • Citrix.CMP: This is the base SDK that is functionally equivalent to the COM and C versions of the SDK.
  • Citrix.CMP.WPF: This is a set of optional extensions that you can use in your WPF applications. These extensions make it easier to consume certain features in WPF as well as make it easier to write apps that work well in a Citrix environment.

If you are writing .NET based apps, then CMP.NET is highly recommended. It is the simplest version of the SDK to use and provides many useful features such as asynchronous call support. Asynchronous call support allows you to make SDK calls without blocking your UI thread which keeps your UI responsive to the user.

The documentation for the CMP.NET SDK is located here:

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