Mobile SDK for Windows Apps2.0
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IPhone Struct Reference

#include <Phone.h>

Inherited by CitrixMobile.

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STDMETHODIMP StartPhoneCall ([in]BSTR phoneNumber,[in]CMP_UNIQUE_ID phoneCallId,[out, retval]CMPRESULT *result)
 Start a phone call.

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STDMETHODIMP IPhone::StartPhoneCall ( [in] BSTR  phoneNumber,
[in] CMP_UNIQUE_ID  phoneCallId,
[out, retval] CMPRESULT result 

Start a phone call.

Initiate a phone call using the mobile device. It is important to worry about how this could be used so it assumed that the dialing process is not fully automated.

phoneNumber- phone number to dial
phoneCallId- unique identifier for phone call
result- result of the operation

Reimplemented in CitrixMobile.

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