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ApplicationService.ImportWeb Method (IEnumerable(WebImportSourceDetails), WebApplicationImportConfiguration)

Imports multiple Application objects as web applications.

Namespace: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA
Assembly: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA (in Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.dll) Version: (



public Import ImportWeb(
    IEnumerable<WebImportSourceDetails> importDetails,
    WebApplicationImportConfiguration config = null


Public Function ImportWeb ( 
    importDetails As IEnumerable(Of WebImportSourceDetails),
    Optional config As WebApplicationImportConfiguration = Nothing
) As Import



Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(WebImportSourceDetails)
A collection of ImportSourceDetails objects with web applications details to import. Each ImportSourceDetails object can be used with the returned Importer object as a key to get specific information about that 's import.
config (Optional)
Type: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.WebApplicationImportConfiguration
The configuration details (e.g. Spider configuration) to be used by this import. If not specified, the default configuration is used.

Return Value

Type: Import
An Import object that can be used to track the state of the import.


If it is needed to import a web application directly from MSI, methods with ImportSourceDetails or with the MSI file path should be used instead.

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