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Application.Import Method (String, IEnumerable(String), ApplicationImportConfiguration, String, Boolean)

Imports an Application object directly from the source file into previously created application.

Namespace: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA
Assembly: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA (in Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.dll) Version: (



public Application Import(
    string filePath,
    IEnumerable<string> transforms,
    ApplicationImportConfiguration config,
    out string logFile,
    bool overwrite


Public Function Import ( 
    filePath As String,
    transforms As IEnumerable(Of String),
    config As ApplicationImportConfiguration,
    <OutAttribute> ByRef logFile As String,
    overwrite As Boolean
) As Application



Type: System.String
The full path to the file to import.
Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(String)
A collection of full paths to transform files to apply to the msi specified by fileName. The transforms are applied in the order they are enumerated.
Type: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.ApplicationImportConfiguration
The configuration details to be used by this import.
Type: System.String
On return, this specifies the full path to a log file that contains the details of the import. Useful for troubleshooting. Even if this function throws an exception, if logFile is non-null, then it may contain useful information for troubleshooting the failure.
Type: System.Boolean
If set to true, the application information (Name, Manufacturer, Version) will be replaced with the one from the imported application.

Return Value

Type: Application
The imported application.

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