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Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.Solutions.AppV.VirtualMachines Namespace



Public classAppvRequirementStatus Represents the istance of AppV Requirement status.
Public classAppVVirtualMachineConfig Represents virtual machine configuration used by a solution.
Public classAppVVirtualMachineInfo Represents virtual machine information in App-V solution.
Public classOsInformationResult Represents the instance of Solution VM task checks result.
Public classSolutionVmTaskAppvCheckResult Represents the instance of Solution VM task checks result.
Public classSolutionVmTaskVmToolsCheckResult Represents an instance of the result of Citrix AppDNA VM tools check
Public classTaskStatus Represents a status of a task.
Public classTaskStatusEventArgs A task status as TaskStatus event arguments.
Public classVirtualMachine Provides access to virtual machines via a virtual machine configuration.



Public interfaceIAppVLaunchTestVirtualMachine Represents a virtual machine for App-V launch testing.
Public interfaceISolutionVirtualMachine Represents solution check/fix actions with the virtual machine.
Public interfaceITaskStatusDispatcher Represents an interface for dispatching a task status.
Public interfaceIVirtualMachine Provides access to a virtual machine.
Public interfaceIVirtualMachineConsole Provides access to a virtual machine console.



Public enumerationAppvRequirement Represents enum for App-V requirement types.
Public enumerationAppVVirtualMachineType Types of virtual machines used in App-V solution.
Public enumerationTaskStatus.State Represents a state of a task.