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Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.Solutions.BuildAssessment Namespace



Public classBuildAssessmentAnalysisDataProvider Provides analysis and dependency data for a BuildAssessmentSolution
Public classBuildAssessmentApplicationsDictionary Dictionary for the xen report to hold groupped applications
Public classBuildAssessmentIssuesReport Represents Build Assessment solution Issues report
Public classBuildAssessmentReport Represents build assessment solution comparison report
Public classBuildAssessmentReportApplication Represents the application in scope of the BUild Assessment soution comparison report
Public classBuildAssessmentServer Represents an instance of Build Assessment solution (i.e., a specific AppDNA solution within a specific database).
Public classBuildAssessmentSolution Represents a Build Assessment solution instance.
Public classBuildAssessmentSolutionEdit A class that manages the creation and update operations of a BuildAssessmentSolution.
Public classBuildAssessmentSolutionService This class is accessible from the BuildAssessmentServer property and provides access to functionality related to a Build Assessment solution.
Public classBuildAssessmentSolutionTemplate Represents a Build Assessment solution template.
Public classBuildAssessmentSolutionTemplateService This class is accessible from the BuildAssessmentServer property and provides access to functionality related to a BuildAssessmentSolutionTemplate.
Public classBuildIssue Represents Algorithm and all triggered data
Public classConstants Contains constant values for a Build Assessment solution.
Public classIssueData Represents triggered algorithm data
Public classIssuesGroup Represents issues for application grouped by algorithm group
Public classOsBuild Build with operating system and applications.
Public classReportingRequirementsChecker Auxiliary class for solution report, groups and algorithm configuration.



Public interfaceIBuildAssessmentSolutionConfig(TIOsBuild) Represents a Build Assessment configuration with which to create or update a Build Assessment solution
Public interfaceIOsBuild Represents OS build with applications



Public enumerationBuildAssessmentReportApplicationCategory Exposes application category in scope of Build Assessment comparison report
Public enumerationReferenceBuildMode Indicates whether solution applications are tested and certified as working on the refrence build.