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Application Properties

The Application type exposes the following members.



Public propertyApplicationGroups Returns the collection of ApplicationGroup objects that this application belongs to.
Public propertyAttachments Gets the collection of application attachments.
Public propertyAttributes Gets a value that represents the collection of application attributes that are associated with this application.
Public propertyCustomerKey Gets the customer key (standard attribute) value for an app.
Public propertyIdentifier Gets a value that is a unique identifier for the application.
Public propertyImportWarnings A string that holds any issues that were encountered during import but that did not cause the import to fail.
Public propertyIsUserFramework If this application is a user framework
Public propertyLoaded Gets a value that is the date when the application is loaded.
Public propertyLoadedBy Gets a value that is the user name of the account that loaded the application.
Public propertyManufacturer Gets a value that is the application manufacturer.
Public propertyName Gets a value that is the application name.
Public propertyOriginalSourceFile Gets a value that is the path of the installation file specified when the application was imported.
Public propertyProfileData Gets the application performance profiling data.
Public propertyRequiredApplications The current applications this application requires
Public propertySourceCategory Gets a value that is the type of application, determined by the import method.
Public propertyState Obsolete. Gets a state of the application.
Public propertyStatus Geta a status of the application.
Public propertySuggestedRequiredApplications Returns a list of applications that the current application may require.
Public propertyVersion Gets a value that is the application version.
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