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ProcessingState Properties

The ProcessingState type exposes the following members.



Public propertyCancelRequested Gets a value specifying whether there is a request to cancel the task or not. After cancellation is requested, the task may complete, fail or take time to stop due to cancellation.
Public propertyCurrentAction Gets a string specifying the current action that the processing task is performing.
Public propertyCurrentActionDetail Gets a string specifying more detail of the current action.
Public propertyDateEnded Gets a DateTime that specifies the time that the task finished. Will be null if it has not yet finished.
Public propertyDateStarted Gets a DateTime that specifies the time that the task was created.
Public propertyDescription Gets a description of the task.
Public propertyHasWarnings Gets whether the task has warnings
Public propertyInitiatingUserName Gets the AppDNA username of the user that initiated the task.
Public propertyIsFinished Gets a value specifying if the server side processing has no more work to do.
Public propertyLogFile Gets a log file path, if any, associated with the current processing.
Public propertyName Gets the name of the task.
Public propertyProgress Gets the current progress as a percentage. May be null if the task has not yet started or the task does not support progress reporting.
Public propertyResult Gets a string representing the result of the task.
Public propertyState Gets a value specifying the current running state of the task.
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