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AppDisksSolution Properties

The AppDisksSolution type exposes the following members.



Public propertyAnalysisData Gets the analysis data for this instance.
Public propertyApplications Gets the collection of Application objects associated with the solution.
Public propertyApplicationsOrdered Gets the collection of Application objects associated with the solution with specified order.
Public propertyDescription Gets the description of the solution.
Public propertyIdentifier Gets the identifier of the solution.
Public propertyLatestAnalyzedState Gets a value indicating whether the solution is analyzed.
Public propertyName Gets the name of the solution.
Public propertyOsImage Gets the image which AppDisks will be deployed to
Public propertyReport Gets the report for solution.
Public propertyReportingRequirements Gets the report, group and algorithm requirements for this instance.
Public propertyReports Gets the available to export reports for this solution.
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