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WebCaptureSettings Class

Represents settings for capturing web applications via Directed Spider

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Namespace: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA
Assembly: Citrix.SDK.AppDNA (in Citrix.SDK.AppDNA.dll) Version: (



public class WebCaptureSettings


Public Class WebCaptureSettings

The WebCaptureSettings type exposes the following members.



Public methodWebCaptureSettings Initializes a new instance of the WebCaptureSettings class
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Public propertyAcceptCertificateWhenWarned Indication that the spider should tell IE to always accept certificate when the IE comes accross one
Public propertyAllowDuplicates Indicates whether spider captures pages with the same Url
Public propertyAllowProxyPopup Indicates that even though autoCloseDialogsAndPopups is set, the proxy dialog should not be restricted
Public propertyAutoClose Auto close the spider when launched in gui mode
Public propertyAutoCloseDialogsAndPopups Indication that the spider should attempt to detect and close browser popup dialogs
Public propertyAutoStart Automatically press the start button when spider launched in gui mode
Public propertyBrowserTimout Default timeout for watin
Public propertyCaptureDelaySize Gets size of hte delay between capture next page in miliseconds
Public propertyCaptureOutputDirectory This sets the default place to move the data to
Public propertyContentStorePageDirectory The folder name within the content store root directory that contains the saved pages
Public propertyContentStoreRoot The root directory prefix that the content store is located at
Public propertyDelayCapturing Indicates whether allows delay between navigation to the next page, uses for prevent blocking Spider by firewalls
Public propertyDelayPageCompletionCheckBy Indicates how long the spider should delay before wiating for the page to load.
Public propertyDepth This sets the default depth to which to spider down to
Public propertyDetectForms Determines wheather the spider is interrupted, to ask the user to fill forms in
Public propertyDuplicatesCountForUrl Gets or sets allowed number of duplicates for each url
Public propertyDuplicatesDifference Gets or sets level of the differnce to determine page as duplicated (0 is minimum - spider will capture even the same pages, 100 is maximum - pages should be fully different to capture it)
Public propertyIncludeSubdomains User setting that indicates to the spider that provided domains in the inclusion domain section of the settings should be used
Public propertyInclusionDomains list of URLs that the user has specified that are domains that will be visited, even though out of the current domain
Public propertyMustGenerateMSI Flag that indicates that the spider should generate an MSI of the web capture content. This is based on a user setting
Public propertyRestrictToLastVirtualDirectory Setting that indicates that only the last vistual directory in the provided URL should be spidered. ie only the folder that the webapp is in
Public propertyShowPageCaptureErrorsInManualMode Defines whether page capture errors will be shown in manual mode, in automatic mode the setting is ignored
Public propertyUrls List of Urls that the spider has been asked to traverse
Public propertyUseGui When run in cmd line mode, this setting can cuase the GUI frontend to be used
Public propertyUseManual This disables the spider.
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