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The following operations can be performed on "audit-messages":

show audit messages

Displays the most recent audit log messages.


show audit messages [-logLevel ...] [-numOfMesgs ]


logLevel Audit log level filter, which specifies the types of events to display. The following loglevels are valid: * ALL - All events. * EMERGENCY - Events that indicate an immediate crisis on the server. * ALERT - Events that might require action. * CRITICAL - Events that indicate an imminent server crisis. * ERROR - Events that indicate some type of error. * WARNING - Events that require action in the near future. * NOTICE - Events that the administrator should know about. * INFORMATIONAL - All but low-level events. * DEBUG - All events, in extreme detail.

numOfMesgs Number of log messages to be displayed. Default value: 20 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 256


value The Audit message

devno count stateflag

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