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The following operations can be performed on "cluster-files":

sync cluster files

Synchronizes SSL Certificates, SSL CRL lists, SSL VPN bookmarks, and other files from the configuration coordinator (CCO) to the other cluster nodes. Execute this command from the cluster IP address only. This command is automatically triggered from the CCO when a new node is added to a cluster and periodically triggered to synchronize updated files between the cluster nodes. Note: Files on non-CCO nodes are not deleted if they do no not exist on the CCO.


sync cluster files [ ...]


Mode The directories and files to be synchronized. The available settings function as follows: Mode Paths all /nsconfig/ssl/ /var/netscaler/ssl/ /var/vpn/bookmark/ /nsconfig/dns/ /nsconfig/htmlinjection/ /netscaler/htmlinjection/ens/ /nsconfig/monitors/ /nsconfig/nstemplates/ /nsconfig/ssh/ /nsconfig/rc.netscaler /nsconfig/resolv.conf /nsconfig/inetd.conf /nsconfig/syslog.conf /nsconfig/ntp.conf /nsconfig/httpd.conf /nsconfig/sshd_config /nsconfig/hosts /nsconfig/enckey /var/nslw.bin/etc/krb5.conf /var/nslw.bin/etc/krb5.keytab /var/lib/likewise/db/ /var/download/ /var/wi/tomcat/webapps/ /var/wi/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/ /var/wi/java_home/lib/security/cacerts /var/wi/java_home/jre/lib/security/cacerts /var/netscaler/locdb/ ssl /nsconfig/ssl/ /var/netscaler/ssl/ bookmarks /var/vpn/bookmark/ dns /nsconfig/dns/ htmlinjection /nsconfig/htmlinjection/ imports /var/download/ misc /nsconfig/license/ /nsconfig/rc.conf all_plus_misc Includes all files and /nsconfig/license/ and /nsconfig/rc.conf. Default value: all


sync cluster files ssl or sync cluster files all

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