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The following operations can be performed on "gslb-domain":

show| stat|

show gslb domain

Displays the bounded attributes of the domain.


show gslb domain []


name Name of the Domain


serviceType The type GSLB service

state The state of the vserver

dnsRecordType The IP type for this GSLB vserver.

stateChangeTimeSec Time since last state change

lbMethod The load balancing method set for the virtual server

backupLBMethod Indicates the backup method in case the primary fails

persistenceType Indicates if persistence is set on the gslb vserver

persistenceId Persistence id of the gslb vserver

serviceName The service name.

vServerName siteName Name of the site to which the service belongs.

cip Indicates if Client IP option is enabled

sitePersistence Indicates the type of cookie persistence set

sitePrefix The site prefix string.

gslbthreshold The threshold value of the service

httpRequest HTTP request to the backend server

ipTunnel The state of the monitor for tunneled devices.

customHeaders The string that is sent to the service. Applicable to HTTP ,HTTP-ECV and RTSP monitor types.

respCode The response codes.

monitorName Monitor name

netmask Netmask

v6netmasklen Number of bits to consider, in an IPv6 source IP address, for creating the hash that is required by the SOURCEIPHASH load balancing method.

EDR Send clients an empty DNS response when the GSLB virtual server is DOWN.

MIR dynamicWeight Dynamic weight method of the vserver

persistMask The optional IPv4 network mask applied to IPv4 addresses to establish source IP address based persistence.

v6persistmasklen Number of bits to consider in an IPv6 source IP address when creating source IP address based persistence sessions.

IPAddress The Ip address of the service

port Port Number

weight weight assigned

dynamicConfWt dynamic weight

cumulativeWeight cumlative weight

svrEffGslbState GSLB server state

cnameEntry The cname of the gslb service

monState Monitor state

monitorTotalProbes Total monitor probes

monitorTotalFailedProbes Total probes failed

monitorCurrentFailedProbes Total number of current failed probes

monStatCode The code indicating the monitor response.

monStatParam1 First parameter for use with message code.

monStatParam2 Second parameter for use with message code.

monStatParam3 Third parameter for use with message code.

responseTime Response time of this monitor.

lastresponse The string form of monstatcode.

stateflag stateflag

serviceGroupName The GSLB service group name bound to the selected GSLB virtual server.

devno count

stat gslb domain

Displays the statistics associated with a global server load balancing (GSLB) domain.


stat gslb domain [ [-dnsRecordType ]] [-detail] [-fullValues] [-ntimes ] [-logFile ] [-clearstats ( basic | full )]


name Name of the GSLB domain for which to display statistics. If you do not specify a name, statistics are shown for all configured GSLB domains.

dnsRecordType detail Specifies detailed output (including more statistics). The output can be quite voluminous. Without this argument, the output will show only a summary.

fullValues Specifies that numbers and strings should be displayed in their full form. Without this option, long strings are shortened and large numbers are abbreviated

ntimes The number of times, in intervals of seven seconds, the statistics should be displayed. Default value: 1 Minimum value: 0

logFile The name of the log file to be used as input.

clearstats Clear the statsistics / counters

Possible values: basic, full


count devno stateflag


domainHits (Hits) Total number of DNS queries received.

Dns Record Type (Rec_Type) Type of DNS record returned

Dns Record Type (Rec_Type) Type of DNS record returned

domainHits (Hits) Total number of DNS queries received.

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