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The following operations can be performed on "HA-sync":

force HA sync

Forces duplication of the primary node's configuration on the secondary node. Can be executed from either node. Note: This command fails under any of the following conditions: * Synchronization is already in progress. * The secondary node is disabled. * Synchronization is disabled on either node * The secondary node is not accessible from the primary. * You run the command on a standalone appliance.


force HA sync [-force [-save ( YES | NO )]]


force Force synchronization regardless of the state of HA propagation and HA synchronization on either node.

save After synchronization, automatically save the configuration in the secondary node configuration file (ns.conf) without prompting for confirmation.

Possible values: YES, NO Default value: VAL_NOT_SET


Can be used in following formats:

force sync force sync -force force sync -force -save [yes|no]

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