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The following operations can be performed on "lsn-deterministicNat":

show lsn deterministicNat

Show LSN deterministic.


show lsn deterministicNat (-clientname | -network6 | -natIP ) [-subscrIP [-td ]]


clientname The name of the LSN Client.

network6 IPv6 address of the LSN subscriber or B4 device.

subscrIP The Client IP address.

td The LSN client TD. Default value: 0 Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 4094

natIP The NAT IP address.


natprefix IPv6 address of the LSN subscriber network(B4-Device) on whose traffic the Citrix ADC perform Large Scale NAT.

subscrIP The Subscriber IP address.

natIP The NAT IP address.

firstport The Application Protocol Port of the Profile.

lastport The Application Protocol Ending Port of the Profile.

srctd The LSN client TD.

nattype Type of subscriber info(ex: nat44 or ds-lite).

devno count stateflag


show lsn deterministic

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