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The following operations can be performed on "rnatsession":

flush rnatsession

Flush RNAT Session.


flush rnatsession ((-network -netmask ) | -natIP | -aclname )


network IPv4 network address on whose traffic you want the Citrix ADC to do RNAT processing.

netmask Subnet mask associated with the network address.

natIP The NAT IP address defined for the RNAT entry.

aclname Name of any configured extended ACL whose action is ALLOW.


To flush all RNAT sessions : flush rnatsession. To flush Network based RNAT sessions: flush rnatsession -network -netmask To flush ACL based RNAT sessions: flush rnatsession -aclname acl. To flush RNAT sessions for a specific NATIP : flush rnatsession -natip

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