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The following operations can be performed on "ns-dhcpParams":

unset| set| show|

unset ns dhcpParams

Use this command to remove ns dhcpParams settings.Refer to the set ns dhcpParams command for meanings of the arguments.


unset ns dhcpParams [-dhcpClient] [-saveroute]

set ns dhcpParams

Sets the DHCP client parameters.


set ns dhcpParams [-dhcpClient ( ON | OFF )] [-saveroute ( ON | OFF )]


dhcpClient Enables DHCP client to acquire IP address from the DHCP server in the next boot. When set to OFF, disables the DHCP client in the next boot.

Possible values: ON, OFF Default value: OFF

saveroute DHCP acquired routes are saved on the Citrix ADC.

Possible values: ON, OFF Default value: OFF

show ns dhcpParams

Displays the parameters configured for the DHCP client.


show ns dhcpParams



dhcpClient ON, if DHCP client active on next reboot, else OFF

IPAddress DHCP acquired IP

netmask DHCP acquired Netmask

hostRtGw DHCP acquired Gateway

running DHCP mode

saveroute DHCP acquired gateway save flag

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