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The following operations can be performed on "ns-licenseserverpool":

show ns licenseserverpool

Displays details of the appliance pooled license inventory.


show ns licenseserverpool



InstanceTotal Instance Total.

InstanceAvailable Instance Available.

StandardBandwidthTotal Standard Bandwidth Total.

StandardBandwidthAvailable Standard Bandwidth Available.

EnterpriseBandwidthTotal Enterprise Bandwidth Total.

EnterpriseBandwidthAvailable Enterprise Bandwidth Available.

PlatinumBandwidthTotal Platinum Bandwidth Total.

PlatinumBandwidthAvailable Platinum Bandwidth Available.

StandardCPUTotal Standard CPU Total.

StandardCPUAvailable Standard CPU Available.

EnterpriseCPUTotal Enterprise CPU Total.

EnterpriseCPUAvailable Enterprise CPU Available.

PlatinumCPUTotal Platinum CPU Total.

PlatinumCPUAvailable Platinum CPU Available.

CPXInstanceTotal CP1000 Instance Total.

CPXInstanceAvailable CP1000 Instance Available.

VPX1STotal VPX1S Total.

VPX1SAvailable VPX1S Available.

VPX1PTotal VPX1P Total.

VPX1PAvailable VPX1P Available.

VPX5STotal VPX5S Total.

VPX5SAvailable VPX5S Available.

VPX5PTotal VPX5P Total.

VPX5PAvailable VPX5P Available.

VPX10STotal VPX10S Total.

VPX10SAvailable VPX10S Available.

VPX10ETotal VPX10E Total.

VPX10EAvailable VPX10E Available.

VPX10PTotal VPX10P Total.

VPX10PAvailable VPX10P Available.

VPX25STotal VPX25S Total.

VPX25SAvailable VPX25S Available.

VPX25ETotal VPX25E Total.

VPX25EAvailable VPX25E Available.

VPX25PTotal VPX25P Total.

VPX25PAvailable VPX25P Available.

VPX50STotal VPX50S Total.

VPX50SAvailable VPX50S Available.

VPX50ETotal VPX50E Total.

VPX50EAvailable VPX50E Available.

VPX50PTotal VPX50P Total.

VPX50PAvailable VPX50P Available.

VPX100STotal VPX100S Total.

VPX100SAvailable VPX100S Available.

VPX100ETotal VPX100E Total.

VPX100EAvailable VPX100E Available.

VPX100PTotal VPX100P Total.

VPX100PAvailable VPX100P Available.

VPX200STotal VPX200S Total.

VPX200SAvailable VPX200S Available.

VPX200ETotal VPX200E Total.

VPX200EAvailable VPX200E Available.

VPX200PTotal VPX200P Total.

VPX200PAvailable VPX200P Available.

VPX500STotal VPX500S Total.

VPX500SAvailable VPX500S Available.

VPX500ETotal VPX500E Total.

VPX500EAvailable VPX500E Available.

VPX500PTotal VPX500P Total.

VPX500PAvailable VPX500P Available.

VPX1000STotal VPX1000S Total.

VPX1000SAvailable VPX1000S Available.

VPX1000ETotal VPX1000E Total.

VPX1000EAvailable VPX1000E Available.

VPX1000PTotal VPX1000P Total.

VPX1000PAvailable VPX1000P Available.

VPX2000PTotal VPX2000P Total.

VPX2000PAvailable VPX2000P Available.

VPX3000STotal VPX3000S Total.

VPX3000SAvailable VPX3000S Available.

VPX3000ETotal VPX3000E Total.

VPX3000EAvailable VPX3000E Available.

VPX3000PTotal VPX3000P Total.

VPX3000PAvailable VPX3000P Available.

VPX4000PTotal VPX4000P Total.

VPX4000PAvailable VPX4000P Available.

VPX5000STotal VPX5000S Total.

VPX5000SAvailable VPX5000S Available.

VPX5000ETotal VPX5000E Total.

VPX5000EAvailable VPX5000E Available.

VPX5000PTotal VPX5000P Total.

VPX5000PAvailable VPX5000P Available.

VPX8000STotal VPX8000S Total.

VPX8000SAvailable VPX8000S Available.

VPX8000ETotal VPX8000E Total.

VPX8000EAvailable VPX8000E Available.

VPX8000PTotal VPX8000P Total.

VPX8000PAvailable VPX8000P Available.

VPX10000STotal VPX10000S Total.

VPX10000SAvailable VPX10000S Available.

VPX10000ETotal VPX10000E Total.

VPX10000EAvailable VPX10000E Available.

VPX10000PTotal VPX10000P Total.

VPX10000PAvailable VPX10000P Available.

VPX15000STotal VPX15000S Total.

VPX15000SAvailable VPX15000S Available.

VPX15000ETotal VPX15000E Total.

VPX15000EAvailable VPX15000E Available.

VPX15000PTotal VPX15000P Total.

VPX15000PAvailable VPX15000P Available.

VPX25000STotal VPX25000S Total.

VPX25000SAvailable VPX25000S Available.

VPX25000ETotal VPX25000E Total.

VPX25000EAvailable VPX25000E Available.

VPX25000PTotal VPX25000P Total.

VPX25000PAvailable VPX25000P Available.

VPX40000STotal VPX40000S Total.

VPX40000SAvailable VPX40000S Available.

VPX40000ETotal VPX40000E Total.

VPX40000EAvailable VPX40000E Available.

VPX40000PTotal VPX40000P Total.

VPX40000PAvailable VPX40000P Available.

VPX100000STotal VPX100000S Total.

VPX100000SAvailable VPX100000S Available.

VPX100000ETotal VPX100000E Total.

VPX100000EAvailable VPX100000E Available.

VPX100000PTotal VPX100000P Total.

VPX100000PAvailable VPX100000P Available.

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