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The following operations can be performed on "pcp-map":

show pcp map

Displays the maps created by pcp server.


show pcp map [-NatType ]


NatType Type of sessions to be displayed.

Possible values: NAT44, DS-Lite, NAT64 Default value: NAT44


pcpSrcIP Internal IP address

subscrIP IPV4 src address of Client in DS-Lite

pcpSrcPort Internal Port

pcpDstIP Remote PEER IP address

pcpDstPort Remote PEER Port

pcpNatIP External IP address

pcpNatPort External Port Number

pcpProtocol Protocol of the PCP mapping

pcpAddr Address of PCP Map entity.

pcpNounce PCP Mapping Nounce

pcpRefcnt Refcount, which indicates how many session is active.

pcpLifeTime Integer value that shows the requested lifetime.

devno count stateflag

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