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The following operations can be performed on "protocol-mptcp":

stat protocol mptcp

Displays statistics of the MPTCP protocol.


stat protocol mptcp [-detail] [-fullValues] [-ntimes ] [-logFile ] [-clearstats ( basic | full )]


detail Specifies detailed output (including more statistics). The output can be quite voluminous. Without this argument, the output will show only a summary.

fullValues Specifies that numbers and strings should be displayed in their full form. Without this option, long strings are shortened and large numbers are abbreviated

ntimes The number of times, in intervals of seven seconds, the statistics should be displayed. Default value: 1 Minimum value: 0

logFile The name of the log file to be used as input.

clearstats Clear the statsistics / counters

Possible values: basic, full



MPTCP sessions created (TotSess) MPTCP total sessions created

MPTCP V1 sessions created (TotV1Sess) MPTCP total V1 sessions created

Subflow connections created (subCon) MPTCP total Subflow connections created

Current MPTCP sessions The number of current mptcp sessions.

Current V1 MPTCP sessions (CurV1Sess) The number of current V1 mptcp sessions.

Current Subflow connections The number of current mptcp subflow connections.

Pending subflow connections The number of current mptcp subflow connections in pending state.

Sessions without any subflows Current Multipath TCP sessions without any subflows

MP_CAPABLE SYN received (MPSYN) MPTCP total MP_CAPABLE received

MP_CAPABLE V1 SYN received (MPV1SYN) MPTCP total Version1 MP_CAPABLE received

MP_CAPABLE sessions steered (ConSter) Total MP_CAPABLE sessions steered

MP_CAPABLE sessions created (ConReq) Total MP_CAPABLE sessions created.

MP_CAPABLE SYN/ACKs sent (SYNACK) Total number of MP_CAPABLE SYN/ACKs sent.

MP_CAPABLE Final ACKs (FinalACK) Total number of MP_CAPABLE Final ACKs received.

MP_JOIN SYN received (JoinSYN) MPTCP total MP_JOIN syn received

MP_JOIN subflows steered (SFsteer) Total MP_JOIN subflows steered

MP_JOIN SYN/ACKs sent (SFsynack) Total MP_JOIN SYN/ACKs sent.

MP_JOIN Final ACKs (SFFACK) Total number of MP_JOIN Final ACKs

MP_JOIN Final ACK validated (FACKVald) Total number of Subflow final ACK from peer in 3 way handshake validated with 4th ACK.

Established subflows replaced (TotSFRep) MPTCP Total established subflows replaced due to new MP_JOIN.

Pending subflows replaced (PendRep) MPTCP Total pending subflows replaced due to new MP_JOIN.

Fresh ACK on subflow (SFfrhACK) Fresh ACK recieved on a subflow

Fallback to TCP on plain ACK (TotFB) MPTCP Fallback to regular tcp on receiving plain ACK for DSS.

Infinite map set (InfSet) MPTCP Received and set infinite map and fallen back to regular TCP.

Addresses removed with REMOVE_ADDR (REMAddr) Total number of addresses removed from MPTCP connection with REMOVE_ADDR option

DSS(Data Sequence Signal) packets (TotDSS) Total number of Data Sequence Signal packets.

DSS received (DSSrcv) MPTCP Total Data Sequence Signal packets received.

DSS sent (DSSsnd) MMPTCP Total Data Sequence Signal packets sent

DSS with DATA_ACK (DSSA) Total Data Sequence Signal packets during data transfer with DATA_ACK

DSS with 8 octet DATA_ACK (DSSa) Total Data Sequence Signal packets during data transfer with 8 octet DATA_ACK

DSS with Fresh ACK (FreshAck) MPTCP total Data Sequence Signal packets during data transfer with fresh ACK

DSS with Sequence Map (SeqMapM) MPTCP total data Sequence Signal packets with Data Sequence Mapping and checksum

DSS with 8 octet Sequence Map (SeqMapm) MPTCP total data Sequence Signal packets with 8 octet Data Sequence Mapping and checksum

DSS with infinite map flag (InfMapFg) MPTCP received Data Sequence Signal with infinite map flag (Fallback to regular TCP).

Map amount of data not received (LDataLen) MPTCP Map amount of data not yet received.

Subflow used as backup path (PrioBkup) MPTCP Subflow used as backup path.

Clear backup subflow(MP_PRIO) (ClrBkup) Subflow earlier used only as a backup subflow, changes to regular subflow with MP_PRIO option

MP_CAPABLE DATA_FIN sent (TxFin) Total MPTCP connection close requests sent

MP_CAPABLE DATA_FIN received (RxFin) Total MPTCP connection close(DATA_FIN) requests received.

Subflow FIN (SfFin) MPTCP total subflow close requests.

Invalid cookie in MP_CAPABLE ACK (CookieEr) MPTCP invalid cookie received on MP_CAPABLE final ACK.

MP_CAPABLE Extension flag set (ExtnFlEr) Extension flag is set on MP_CAPABLE request.

MP_CAPABLE Reserved flag set (ResFlgEr) MPTCP One or more reserved bits are set on MP_CAPABLE request.

Invalid token in MP_JOIN Request (TokenEr) MPTCP invalid token received on MP_JOIN request.

MP_JOIN on existing address id (AddrIdEr) MPTCP MP_JOIN request on existing address id.

MP_JOIN request with addr id 0 (addridEr) MPTCP MP_JOIN request on address id 0.

MP_JOIN after Maximum subflows (MaxsfEr) MPTCP new MP_JOIN request after maximum configured subflows are established.

MP_JOIN Threshold limit reached (JoinThEr) MPTCP Global pending MP_JOIN threshold limit is reached, new MP_JOIN request will be dropped sending RST

MP_JOIN request after fallback (FBJoinEr) MPTCP New MP_JOIN request received after fallback to regular tcp.

Invalid MAC in MP_JOIN (InMACEr) MPTCP invalid MAC on MP_JOIN final ACK.

Invalid MPTCP option received (OPTEr) MPTCP invalid mptcp option is received and is dropped.

Invalid subtype in option (SubtypEr) Invalid subtype in MPTCP option field and hence discarded.

Option on nonexistent session (OptSesEr) MPTCP options sent on non existing connection/subflow PCBs.

Invalid remove address ID (REMEr) MPTCP remove address request received on invalid/unknown address id.

RST on bad options (OptRstEr) MPTCP sent RST on receiving improper option field.

Remove self address (RemSlfEr) MPTCP remove address request for self address.

Add RSS filter failed (RssfEr) Add RSS filter to steer traffic to right node on established MPTCP session failed.

No Payload length (LenEr) MPTCP Payload length not specified in packet.

Unsupported MSS negotiated (MSSErr) MPTCP Unsupported MSS negotiated error.

MPTCP Checksum failure (CksumEr) MPTCP checksum failed. Connection will fallback to regular tcp.

Client crypto algo not supported (CryptoEr) MPTCP client crypto algorithm not supported.

Client version not supported (VerEr) MPTCP MP_CAPABLE request from unsupported mptcp client.

RST subflow on plain ACK (TotPArst) MPTCP Sent RST on receiving plain ACK for DSS.

DATA_FIN on passive subflow (DFpasveEr) MPTCP Data FIN received on passive subflow


FAST_CLOSE on passive subflow (FCpasvEr) MPTCP Fast close received on passive subflow.

FAST_CLOSE received (FCRcvEr) MPTCP FAST_CLOSE received on a subflow.

FAST_CLOSE with invalid key (FCkeyEr) MPTCP FAST_CLOSE received with invalid key and the packet is dropped.

MP_FAIL sent (MPFAILst) MPTCP Total MP_FAIL sent due to checksum failure.

MP_FAIL received (MPFAILrv) MPTCP Total MP_FAIL received and fallback to regular TCP.

Packet without Sequence mapping (NomapEr) MPTCP Packet received with no Data Sequence Mapping.

More data than Sequence mapping (MrDataEr) MPTCP More data received than the available Data Sequence Mapping.

Invalid Sequence Map (InMapEr) MPTCP Drop the session incase of invalid Data Sequence map.

Duplicate Sequence Map (DupmapEr) MPTCP Duplicate maps in Data Sequence map table.

Invalid subflow sequence (SfnEr) MPTCP subflow map doesn't exactly match MPTCP session mapping.

Received bad sequence map (BadMapEr) MPTCP sequence map already exists.

Retransmitted Data Recevied (RetxEr) Retransmitted Data Recevied on MPTCP session.

Subflow MEM ALLOC Fail (SfMemEr) Attaching the subflow to MPTCP session failed due to failure in allocating memory to subflow map table.

Session MEM ALLOC Fail (SesMemEr) Creating a MPTCP connection failed due to failure in allocating memory to MPTCP connection management structure.

Subflow connection ALLOC Fail (SfPcbEr) Allocating memory to TCP protocol control block(PCB) for subflow failed.

Session connection ALLOC Fail (MpcbEr) Allocating memory to MPTCP protocol control block failed.

Output packet MEM ALLOC Fail (PktMemEr) Failed to allocate memory to output MPTCP packet.

Output packet without subflow (PktSfEr) MPTCP output a packet without any subflow PCB.

MPTCP V1 Invalid Data_Key Seq (V1DataPriorToKey) MPTCP V1 data received prior to key

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