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The following operations can be performed on "protocol-quicbridge":

stat protocol quicbridge

Displays statistics of the QUIC BRIDGE protocol.


stat protocol quicbridge [-detail] [-fullValues] [-ntimes ] [-logFile ] [-clearstats ( basic | full )]


detail Specifies detailed output (including more statistics). The output can be quite voluminous. Without this argument, the output will show only a summary.

fullValues Specifies that numbers and strings should be displayed in their full form. Without this option, long strings are shortened and large numbers are abbreviated

ntimes The number of times, in intervals of seven seconds, the statistics should be displayed. Default value: 1 Minimum value: 0

logFile The name of the log file to be used as input.

clearstats Clear the statsistics / counters

Possible values: basic, full



Connections (QuicBConn) Total number of QUIC Bridge connections

Migrated Connections (QuicBMigConn) Total number of migrated QUIC Bridge connections

Connection infos (QuicBqci) Current number of QUIC Bridge connection infos

Peer infos (QuicBqpi) Current number of QUIC Bridge peer infos

Peer info alloc fails (QuicBqpiAlcFail) Number of QUIC Bridge peer info allocation failures

Conn info alloc fails (QuicBqciAlcFail) Number of QUIC Bridge connection info allocation failures

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