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The following operations can be performed on "sc-parameter":

show| unset| set|

show sc parameter

Displays the values of the session life and vsr filename parameters. NOTE: This command is deprecated.SureConnect feature has been deprecated in favour of AppQoE




sessionLife The time between first time the Sureconnect aternate content window displays and the next time it displays.The SureConnect alternate content window is displayed only once during a session. For the same browser accessing a configured URL.The value is in seconds.

vsr The customized response will be displayed to the user if the alternate content server has been determined by the system to have failed. If you have created a customized response that you want the system to use, enter its filename (if you renamed the vsr.htm file supplied by system). If you have not renamed the file, enter /etc/vsr.htm as the filename.

builtin Flag to determine if SC param is built-in or not

feature The feature to be checked while applying this config


show sc parameter Sure Connect Parameters: Sessionlife: 300 Vsr: DEFAULT Done

unset sc parameter

Use this command to remove sc parameter settings.Refer to the set sc parameter command for meanings of the arguments.NOTE: This command is deprecated.


set sc parameter

Sets the parameters for displaying SureConnect information. NOTE: This command is deprecated.



sessionLife Time, in seconds, between the first time and the next time the SureConnect alternative content window is displayed. The alternative content window is displayed only once during a session for the same browser accessing a configured URL, so this parameter determines the length of a session. Default value: 300 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4294967294

vsr File containing the customized response to be displayed when the ACTION in the SureConnect policy is set to NS. Default value: "DEFAULT"


set sc parameter -sessionlife 200 -vsr /etc/vsr.htm

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