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The following operations can be performed on "ssl-pkcs8":

convert ssl pkcs8

Convert a PEM or DER format key file to PKCS#8 format before importing it into the FIPS appliance.


convert ssl pkcs8 [-keyform ( DER | PEM )] {-password }


pkcs8File Name for and, optionally, path to, the output file where the PKCS#8 format key file is stored. /nsconfig/ssl/ is the default path. Maximum value: 63

keyFile Name of and, optionally, path to the input key file to be converted from PEM or DER format to PKCS#8 format. /nsconfig/ssl/ is the default path. Maximum value: 63

keyform Format in which the key file is stored on the appliance.

Possible values: DER, PEM Default value: PEM

password Password to assign to the file if the key is encrypted. Applies only for PEM format files. Maximum value: 31


convert ssl pkcs8 /nsconfig/ssl/key.pk8 /nsconfig/ssl/key.pem

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