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The following operations can be performed on "install":


Installs a version of Citrix ADC software on the system.


install [-y] [-L] [-A] [-enhancedUpgrade] [-resizeSwapVar]


url Url for the build file. Must be in the following formats: http://[user]:[password]@host/path/to/file https://[user]:[password]@host/path/to/file sftp://[user]:[password]@host/path/to/file scp://[user]:[password]@host/path/to/file ftp://[user]:[password]@host/path/to/file file://path/to/file

y Do not prompt for yes/no before rebooting.

L Use this flag to enable callhome.

A Use this flag to enable Citrix ADM Service Connect. This feature helps you discover your Citrix ADC instances effortlessly on Citrix ADM service and get insights and curated machine learning based recommendations for applications and Citrix ADC infrastructure. This feature lets the Citrix ADC instance automatically send system, usage and telemetry data to Citrix ADM service. View here [] to learn more about this feature. Use of this feature is subject to the Citrix End User ServiceAgreement. View here [].

enhancedUpgrade Use this flag for upgrading from/to enhancement mode.

resizeSwapVar Use this flag to change swap size on ONLY 64bit nCore/MCNS/VMPE systems NON-VPX systems.



Was this article helpful?