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The following operations can be performed on "ping6":


Invokes the UNIX ping6 command. The hostName parameter must be used if the name is in the /etc/hosts file directory or is otherwise known in DNS.


ping6 [-b ] [-c ] [-i ] [-I ] [-m] [-n] [-p ] [-q] [-S sourceaddr] [-V ] [-T ] [-s ] Hostname


b Set socket buffer size. If used, should be used with roughly +100 then the datalen (-s option). The default value is 8192. Minimum value: 132 Maximum value: 131071

c Number of packets to send. The default value is infinite. For Nitro API, defalut value is taken as 5. Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 65535

i Waiting time, in seconds. The default value is 1 second. Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 65535

I Network interface on which to ping, if you have multiple interfaces.

m By default, ping6 asks the kernel to fragment packets to fit into the minimum IPv6 MTU.The -m option will suppress the behavior for unicast packets.

n Numeric output only. No name resolution.

p Pattern to fill in packets. Can be up to 16 bytes, useful for diagnosing data-dependent problems.

q Quiet output. Only summary is printed. For Nitro API, this flag is set by default

s Data size, in bytes. The default value is 32. Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 65527

V VLAN ID for link local address. Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4094

S Source IP address to be used in the outgoing query packets.

T Traffic Domain Id Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4094

hostName Address of host to ping.




ping6 -p ff -I 1/1 -c 4 2002::1

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