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The following operations can be performed on "techsupport":

show techsupport

Generates a gzipped tar archive of system configuration data and statistics. To minimize archive file size newnslog collection is restricted to 500mb, 6 files, or 7 days, whichever occurs first. If the files under /var/log/ grow bigger, the entire file copy is avoided and few lines from those log files are copied. If older data is needed, it may require manual collection. The archive should be submitted to Citrix Technical Support for further analysis and is available at the following path:


The above path is a symlink to the most recent collector for easy access. The full filename varies based on deployment topology but generally follows a format similar to:



The output path and filename are displayed to the user when the command is executed.


show techsupport [-scope ] [-upload [-proxy ] [-casenumber ] [-file ] [-description ] [-userName {-password }]] [-time ] [-nodes ...]


scope Use this option to gather data on the present node, all cluster nodes, or for the specified partitions. The CLUSTER scope generates smaller abbreviated archives for all nodes. The PARTITION scope collects the admin partition in addition to those specified. The partitionName option is only required for the PARTITION scope.

Possible values: NODE, CLUSTER, PARTITION Default value: NODE

partitionName Name of the partition

upload Securely upload the collector archive to Citrix Technical Support using SSL. MyCitrix credentials will be required. If used with the -file option, no new collector archive is generated. Instead, the specified archive is uploaded. Note that the upload operation time depends on the size of the archive file, and the connection bandwidth.

proxy Specifies the proxy server to be used when uploading a collector archive. Use this parameter if the Citrix ADC does not have direct internet connectivity. The basic format of the proxy string is: "proxy_IP:" (without quotes). If the proxy requires authentication the format is: "username:password@proxy_IP:"

casenumber Specifies the associated case or service request number if it has already been opened with Citrix Technical Support.

file Specifies the name (with full path) of the collector archive file to be uploaded. If this is specified, no new collector archive is generated.

description Provides a text description for the the upload, and can be used for logging purposes.

userName Specifies My Citrix user name, which is used to login to Citrix upload server

password Specifies My Citrix password, which is used to login to Citrix upload server

time Specifies the time in common log format, ie. DD/MMM/YYYY:HH:MM:SS, to be used for locating the newnslog file. With this option at most four newnslog log files are collected. First is the newnslog file, spanning the given time. Second is the one, created just prior to the first (if it exists). Third is the one, created just later than the first (if it exists). And the fourth is the latest newnslog directory. In case, the scope is cluster, then second and third type is skipped on all nodes.

nodes Use this option to collect showtechsupport bundle only from the nodes given as a list to this option. If -file option is used, it will collect the files from the given nodes back to the cco and will upload the compressed folder containing the files from there. Minimum value: 0 Maximum value: 255


response Output as text printed to console and syslog at NOTICE level.



show techsupport show techsupport -upload -case 71234567 show techsupport -scope CLUSTER

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