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The following operations can be performed on "traceroute6":


Invokes the UNIX traceroute6 command. Traceroute6 attempts to track the route that the packets follow to reach the destination host.


traceroute6 [-n] [I] [-r] [-v] [-m ] [-p ] [-q ] [-s ] [-T ] [-w ] []


n Print hop addresses numerically rather than symbolically and numerically.

I Use ICMP ECHO for probes.

r Bypass normal routing tables and send directly to a host on an attached network. If the host is not on a directly attached network, an error is returned.

v Verbose output. List received ICMP packets other than TIME_EXCEEDED and UNREACHABLE.

m Maximum hop value for outgoing probe packets. For Nitro API, default value is taken as 10. Default value: 64 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 255

p Base port number used in probes. Default value: 33434 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 65535

q Number of probes per hop. For Nitro API, default value is taken as 1. Default value: 3 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 65535

s Source IP address to use in the outgoing query packets. If the IP address does not belong to this appliance, an error is returned and nothing is sent.

T Traffic Domain Id Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 4094

w Time (in seconds) to wait for a response to a query. For Nitro API, defalut value is set to 3. Default value: 5 Minimum value: 2 Maximum value: 86399

host Destination host IP address or name.

packetlen Length (in bytes) of the query packets. Default value: 44 Minimum value: 44 Maximum value: 32768




traceroute6 2002::7

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