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The following operations can be performed on "vpn-intranetApplication":

show| rm| add|

show vpn intranetApplication

Displays information about all the configured intranet resources, or displays detailed information about the specified intranet resource.


show vpn intranetApplication []


intranetApplication Name of the intranet resource for which to display detailed information.


protocol The IP protocol; for example, TCP, UDP or ANY

destIP The destination IP address.

netmask The destination netmask.

IPAddress The IP address for the application. This address is the real application server IP address.

hostName Name based interception. Names should be valid dns or wins names and will be resolved during interception on the sslvpn.

destPort The destination port.

clientApplication Names of the client applications, such as PuTTY and Xshell.

spoofIIP This specifies whether to spoof this application on the client.

interception The interception type; for example, proxy or transparent.

srcIP The source IP address.

srcPort The source port.

stateflag devno count

rm vpn intranetApplication

Removes a configured intranet resource.


rm vpn intranetApplication


intranetApplication Name of the intranet resource to remove.

add vpn intranetApplication

Defines intranet applications to be made accessible through Citrix Gateway.


add vpn intranetApplication [] (( [-netmask ]) | | ) [-destPort ] [-interception ( PROXY | TRANSPARENT ) [-srcIP ] [-srcPort ]]


intranetApplication Name of the intranet application.

protocol Protocol used by the intranet application. If protocol is set to BOTH, TCP and UDP traffic is allowed.

Possible values: TCP, UDP, ANY

destIP Destination IP address, IP range, or host name of the intranet application. This address is the server IP address.

netmask Destination subnet mask for the intranet application. Default value: 0xFFFFFFFF

IPRange If you have multiple servers in your network, such as web, email, and file shares, configure an intranet application that includes the IP range for all the network applications. This allows users to access all the intranet applications contained in the IP address range.

hostName Name of the host for which to configure interception. The names are resolved during interception when users log on with the Citrix Gateway Plug-in.

destPort Destination TCP or UDP port number for the intranet application. Use a hyphen to specify a range of port numbers, for example 90-95. Minimum value: 1

interception Interception mode for the intranet application or resource. Correct value depends on the type of client software used to make connections. If the interception mode is set to TRANSPARENT, users connect with the Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Windows. With the PROXY setting, users connect with the Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Java.

Possible values: PROXY, TRANSPARENT

srcIP Source IP address. Required if interception mode is set to PROXY. Default is the loopback address,

srcPort Source port for the application for which the Citrix Gateway virtual server proxies the traffic. If users are connecting from a device that uses the Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Java, applications must be configured manually by using the source IP address and TCP port values specified in the intranet application profile. If a port value is not set, the destination port value is used. Minimum value: 1

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