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The following operations can be performed on "application":

rm| export| import|

rm application

Remove application configuration information from a Citrix ADC device. You can specify an application name as input. All the configuration belonging to the specified application will be removed from the device.


rm application


appname Name of the AppExpert application whose configuration you want to remove from the Citrix ADC.

import application

Imports application configuration information from an AppExpert application template file. You can specify a deployment file along with the template file. A template file contains application and variable definitions. A deployment file contains information about the services, service groups, endpoints, and variables that were in the AppExpert application configuration at the time the template file was created. Before you use template and deployment files, make sure that they are present in the /nsconfig/nstemplates/applications/ and /nsconfig/nstemplates/applications/deployment_files directories, respectively. You can transfer the files from your local drive to those directories on the Citrix ADC by using either FTP or the Citrix ADC configuration utility. In the configuration utility, you can also import the files and create the application by using a single wizard (AppExpert > Applications > Import > AppExpert Template Wizard).


import application [-appname ] [-deploymentFilename ]


apptemplateFilename Name of the AppExpert application template file.

appname Name to assign to the application on the Citrix ADC. If you do not provide a name, the appliance assigns the application the name of the template file.

deploymentFilename Name of the deployment file.


import app application sampleapp -apptemplatefilename sampleapp.xml -deploymentfilename deploy.xml

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