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The configuration API is arranged in a logical groups of objects. Choose an appropriate group to find more details.

AAAAuthentication, authorization, and accounting service configuration.
AnalyticsAnalytics configuration.
AppflowAppFlow configuration.
Application FirewallApplication Firewall configuration.
AppqoeApplication Level Quality of Experience configuration
AuditAudit configuration.
AuthenticationAuthentication configuration.
AuthorizationAuthorization configuration. Authorization services check which resources users are authorized to access, and grant permissions accordingly.
AutoscaleAutoScale configuration.
AzureAzure configuration
BasicBasic system configuration.
BfdBidirectional Forwarding Detection
CaContent Accelerator Configuration. The Content Accelerator feature is used to cache static and dynamic web application data.
Integrated CachingIntegrated Caching Configuration. The Integrated Caching feature is used to cache static and dynamic web application data.
CloudCitrix ADC as SD proxy Configuration and cloud discovery commands.
ClusterCluster commands.
CompressionCompression configuration. The systems feature for compressing HTTP responses to compression-aware browsers.
CIContent Inspection
Cache RedirectionCache redirection configuration. The cache redirection feature can transparently redirect cacheable HTTP requests to a cache and send non-cacheable or dynamic HTTP requests to the origin server. A cache stores or caches frequently requested web content and serves such web content to a client on behalf of the origin servers, alleviating the load on the origin server farm.
Content SwitchingContent Switching configuration. Content Switching feature that enables you to direct traffic to servers on the basis of content.
DbAll the commands associated with database user
Domain Name ServiceDomain Name Service(DNS) configuration.
HTTP DoS ProtectionHTTP DOS protection configuration.
Front-end-optimizationFront end optimization configuration. The systems feature to optimize Web content for performance.
FilterFilter configuration. Protection from malicious attacks can be achieved for web sites at the content level with the systems content filtering feature. When this feature is enabled, the system inspects every incoming request with the user-configured rules based on any HTTP URL or headers.
Global Server Load BalancingGlobal Server Load Balancing (GSLB) configuration. GSLB feature ensures that client requests are directed to a best performing site available in a global enterprise and distributed Internet environment.
High AvailabilityHigh-availability commands.
IcaICA configuration.
IpsecIPSEC configuration.
IpsecalgIPSECALG configuration.
Load BalancingLoad Balancing configuration. The load balancing methods manage the selection of an appropriate physical server in a server farm.
LLDPLink Layer Discovery Protocol.
LsnLarge Scale NAT commands
NetworkNetworking commands.
NSSystem/Global level configuration.
NTPNTP configuration.
PcpPort Control Protocol Configuration.
PolicyPolicy configuration.
Priority QueuingPriority Queuing configuration. Priority Queuing ensures that key customer web sites get the timely responses they need. System provides priority-based queuing, which provides different levels of service to customers.
ProtocolProtocol Configuration.
RdpRDP configuration.
ReputationReputation services configuration.
ResponderResponder configuration.
RewriteRewrite configuration.
RiseRISE feature related configuration.
RouterRouter configuration.
Sure ConnectSureConnect configuration. SureConnect allows the system to deliver alternate content to clients when the system is under heavy load for the original URL. The original content will be served to the client, automatically, after an estimated delay period.
SmppAll the commands associated with SMPP.
SNMPSNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) configuration.
SpilloverSpillover policies and actions.
SSLSSL Configuration
StreamStream configuration.
SubscriberSubscriber configuration
SystemSystem configuration.
Traffic ManagementTM session/policy configuration.
TransformURL Transformation configuration.
TunnelSSL VPN Tunnel Configuration.
UlfdULFD server configuration.
UrlfilteringURL Filtering feature is used control access to webpages based on category.
UserUser protocol configuration.
VideoOptimizationVideo optimization feature is used to show (i) the stats of different media types that are being served by the Citrix ADC and (ii) the details of optimization applied on ABR videos
SSL VPNVirtual Private Network configuration.
WfWeb Front configuration.
WebInterfaceWeb Interface configuration.
XmXenMobile deployment configuration.
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