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Configuration for Citrix ADC Txn Information resource.


(click to see Operations )

Name Data Type Permissions Description
httpReqXForwardedFor <String> Read-write httpReqXForwardedFor.
srvrTcpJitter <Double> Read-write srvrTcpJitter.
httpRspStatus <Double> Read-write httpRspStatus.
dest_cluster_name <String> Read-write dest_cluster_name.
clntTcpZeroWindowCount <Double> Read-write clntTcpZeroWindowCount.
login_attempt <Double> Read-write login_attempt.
dest_namespace <String> Read-write dest_namespace.
dest_svcname <String> Read-write dest_svcname.
transSvrRTT <Double> Read-write transSvrRTT.
sslFLagsBE <Double> Read-write sslFLagsBE.
cltTcpFlagsTx <Double> Read-write App cltTcpFlagsTx.
transCltTotRxOctCnt <Double> Read-write transCltTotRxOctCnt.
httpReqRcvLB <Double> Read-write httpReqRcvLB.
httpReqHost <String> Read-write httpReqHost.
recType <String> Read-write recType.
aaaUsername <String> Read-write aaaUsername.
httpResRcvLB <Double> Read-write httpResRcvLB.
httpReqUrl <String> Read-write httpReqUrl.
sslFLagsFE <Double> Read-write sslFLagsFE.
clntTcpPacketsRetransmited <Double> Read-write clntTcpPacketsRetransmited.
login_result <Double> Read-write login_result.
srvrTcpPacketsRetransmited <Double> Read-write srvrTcpPacketsRetransmited.
sslSigHashAlgBE <Double> Read-write sslSigHashAlgBE.
httpReqCookie <String> Read-write httpReqCookie.
source_cluster_name <String> Read-write source_cluster_name.
appresponsetime <Integer> Read-write appresponsetime.
tracingReqSpanId <String> Read-write tracingReqSpanId.
aaaUserEmailId <String> Read-write aaaUserEmailId.
sslHandshakeErrorMsg <Double> Read-write sslHandshakeErrorMsg.
httpDomainName <String> Read-write httpDomainName.
tracingReqParentSpanId <String> Read-write tracingReqParentSpanId.
api_auth_attempt <Double> Read-write api_auth_attempt.
session_track_method <Integer> Read-write session_track_method.
backendSvrIpv4Address <Double> Read-write App backendSvrIpv4Address.
server_rsp_time <Integer> Read-write server_rsp_time.
ato_config <Double> Read-write ato_config.
source_labels <String> Read-write source_labels.
httpReqUserAgent <String> Read-write httpReqUserAgent.
VPNsessionID <String> Read-write VPNsessionID.
sslCipherValueBE <Double> Read-write sslCipherValueBE.
httpTransEndTime <Double> Read-write httpTransEndTime.
source_svcname <String> Read-write source_svcname.
transaction_start_time <Double> Read-write transaction_start_time.
dest_labels <String> Read-write dest_labels.
httpResForwFB <Double> Read-write httpResForwFB.
sslCipherValueFE <Double> Read-write sslCipherValueFE.
transCltDstIpv4Address <Double> Read-write transCltDstIpv4Address.
api_auth_result <Double> Read-write api_auth_result.
httpReqForwLB <Double> Read-write httpReqForwLB.
appNameVserverLs <String> Read-write App Name Vsver ls.
transCltRTT <Double> Read-write transCltRTT.
ns_processing_time <Double> Read-write ns_processing_time.
srvrFastRetxCount <Double> Read-write srvrFastRetxCount.
transCltIpv4Address <Double> Read-write transCltIpv4Address.
clntTcpJitter <Double> Read-write clntTcpJitter.
httpContentType <String> Read-write httpContentType.
tracingTraceId <String> Read-write tracingTraceId.
transCltTotTxOctCnt <Double> Read-write transCltTotTxOctCnt.
srvrTcpZeroWindowCount <Double> Read-write srvrTcpZeroWindowCount.
cltTcpFlagsRx <Double> Read-write App cltTcpFlagsRx.
svrTcpFlagsRx <Double> Read-write svrTcpFlagsRx.
httpReqRcvFB <Double> Read-write httpReqRcvFB.
svrTcpFlagsTx <Double> Read-write svrTcpFlagsTx.
sslSigHashAlgFE <Double> Read-write sslSigHashAlgFE.
appName <String> Read-write App Name.
transactionId <Double> Read-write transactionId.
session_attribute <String> Read-write session_attribute.
httpReqReferer <String> Read-write httpReqReferer.
srvrTcpRtoCount <Double> Read-write srvrTcpRtoCount.
clntTcpRtoCount <Double> Read-write clntTcpRtoCount.
sslServerCertSizeFE <Double> Read-write sslServerCertSizeFE.
source_namespace <String> Read-write source_namespace.
httpReqMethod <String> Read-write httpReqMethod.
recSubType <Integer> Read-write recSubType.
sslErrFlag <Double> Read-write sslErrFlag.
sslServerCertSizeBE <Double> Read-write sslServerCertSizeBE.
httpResRcvFB <Double> Read-write httpResRcvFB.
httpReqForwFB <Double> Read-write httpReqForwFB.
clntFastRetxCount <Double> Read-write clntFastRetxCount.


(click to see Properties )

    Some options that you can use for each operations:

    • Getting warnings in response: NITRO allows you to get warnings in an operation by specifying the 'warning' query parameter as 'yes'. For example, to get warnings while connecting to the NetScaler appliance, the URL is as follows:

      http:// <netscaler-ip-address> /nitro/v1/config/login?warning=yes

      If any, the warnings are displayed in the response payload with the HTTP code '209 X-NITRO-WARNING'.

    • Authenticated access for individual NITRO operations: NITRO allows you to logon to the NetScaler appliance to perform individual operations. You can use this option instead of creating a NITRO session (using the login object) and then using that session to perform all operations,

      To do this, you must specify the username and password in the request header of the NITRO request as follows:

      X-NITRO-USER: <username>

      X-NITRO-PASS: <password>

      Note: In such cases, make sure that the request header DOES not include the following:

      Cookie:NITRO_AUTH_TOKEN= <tokenvalue>

    Note: Mandatory parameters are marked in red and placeholder content is marked in green

    The following parameters can be used in the nitro request : onerror <String_value>

    Use this parameter to set the onerror status for nitro request. Applicable only for bulk requests.

    Default value: EXIT

    Possible values = EXIT, CONTINUE

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