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Configuration for NetScaler Control Center allocates NetScaler instances according to the SLA that is defined as part this service package. resource.

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(click to see Operations)

NameData TypePermissionsDescription
partitionspec<groupmember>Read-writeID of a Partition Specification. The partition specification will be used while creating partition.
devicespec<groupmember>Read-writeID of a Device Specification. The device specification will be used while creating device instances.
device_type<String>Read-writeThe device type that has to be allocated. Possible values - 'NetScaler'.
placement_scheme<String>Read-writeThe allocation policy scheme which will help allocating a device when allocation policy is 'shared'. Possible values - 'roundrobin', 'leastentity'.
devicegroup<groupmember>Read-writeDevicegroup from which devices will be allocated.
allocationpolicy<String>Read-writeThe allocation policy of the device instance. Possible values - 'shared', 'dedicated'.
device_allocation_type<String>Read-writeThe device instance that has to be allocated. Possible values - 'netScaler', 'partition'.


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Some options that you can use for each operations:

  • Getting warnings in response:NITRO allows you to get warnings in an operation by specifying the "warning" query parameter as "yes". For example, to get warnings while connecting to the NetScaler appliance, the URL is as follows:


    If any, the warnings are displayed in the response payload with the HTTP code "209 X-NITRO-WARNING".

  • Authenticated access for individual NITRO operations:NITRO allows you to logon to the NetScaler appliance to perform individual operations. You can use this option instead of creating a NITRO session (using the login object) and then using that session to perform all operations,

    To do this, you must specify the username and password in the request header of the NITRO request as follows:



    Note: In such cases, make sure that the request header DOES not include the following:



Mandatory parameters are marked in red and placeholder content is marked in <green>.

get (all)

URL: https://<MGMT-IP>/nitro/v1/config/allocationgroup

HTTP Method: null

Response Payload:

{ "errorcode": 0, "message": "Done", "severity": ;ltString_value>, "allocationgroup":[{