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Citrix ADM Nitro Error Messages

Error Code Error Code Error Message
ERR_BR_UPGRADE 200023 Failed to upgrade Citrix SD-WAN Instance
ERR_UNKNOWN 10012 Request can not be processed
ERR_GUESTVM_INIT_CONFIG 400016 Failed to do initial configuration
ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS 10010 Already Exists
ERR_XAPI_RESET_NS_INTF 400020 Failed to reset Citrix ADC interfaces
ERR_JOIN_CLUSTER 30037 Failed to add VPX node to cluster
ERR_VPX_PART_OF_CLUSTER 30035 VPX Instance part of Cluster Instance
ERR_NS_RM_ULFDSERVER 60007 Failed to rm ULFD server
ERR_INVALID_PARAM 10008 Invalid Parameter
ERR_NS_GET_ROUTE 20021 Failed to get route
ERR_NS_GET_VSERVER_APPFLOW_CONFIG 20042 Failed to get vserver appflow configuration from Citrix ADC
ERR_SFTP_DOWNLOAD 16003 SFTP failed to download
ERR_INSTANCE_UNMANAGED 50029 Manage Instance Error
ERR_XAPI_CREATE_NETWORK 150016 Failed to create Network
ERR_XAPI_RESET_VM 400021 Failed to reset VM
ERR_SCP_DOWNLOAD 16001 SCP failed to upload
ERR_XAPI_GET_SR 150018 Failed to get SR
ERR_SDX_UPGRADE 50005 Failed to upgrade SDX
ERR_DELETE_BOND 40012 Error while deleting bond on XenServer
ERR_NS_GET_HOSTNAME 20017 Failed to get hostname
ERR_CONFIG_INPROGRESS 11001 Configuration in progress
ERR_BR_BROKER_GET_LINK 30040 Failed to Get Link Configuration from Citrix SD-WAN Accelerator
ERR_XAPI_ADD_VBD 150020 Failed to add VBD
ERR_NS_RM_ROUTE 20009 Failed to remove route
ERR_CREATE_BOND 40011 Error while creating bond on XenServer
ERR_NS_SET_HOSTNAME 20006 Failed to set hostname
ERR_NS_ADD_ULFDSERVER 60006 Failed to add ULFD server
ERR_SDWANVW_CONFIGURE_APPFLOW 50027 Failed to Configure Appflow on Citrix SD-WAN VW
ERR_BR_REMOTELICENSE 20036 Failed to Configure Remote License Server on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_MISSING_ACTION 10004 Action not specified for this request
ERR_NS_SAVE_CONFIG 20015 Failed to save configuration
ERR_GUESTVM_BACKUP_CONFIG 40005 Failed to backup configuration
ERR_NS_GET_HANODE 20019 Failed to get ha node
ERR_REBOOT 11010 Failed to reboot
ERR_CBWANOPT_UPGRADE 50026 Failed to upgrade Citrix SD-WAN WO
ERR_BR_CONFIGURE_APPFLOW 50006 Failed to Configure Appflow on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_XAPI_GET_TASK 15006 Failed to get Task
ERR_GET_SDX_CONFIG 500001 Failed to get SDX configuration
ERR_BIND_UNBIND_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES 40010 Error while doing bind-unbind for a channel in VM
ERR_BACKUP 30030 Error in backup operation
ERR_XAPI_GET_PIF 15005 Failed to get PIF
ERR_NS_INSTALL_CERT 20002 Failed to install SSL certificates
ERR_INVALID_POLICY 15014 Invalid policy
ERR_INVALID_PORT 15010 Invalid port
ERR_PORT_SETTING_FAILED 15013 Failed to modify port settings
ERR_NS_SET_L2VLANCONFIG 20044 Failed to set L2VLAN config
ERR_SCP_UPLOAD 16000 SCP failed to upload
ERR_SDWANVW_GET_APPFLOW_CONFIGURATION 50028 Failed to Get Appflow configuration information on Citrix SD-WAN VW
ERR_SSH_REQUEST 16004 SSH failed to execute request
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINER_START 50024 Failed to start docker container
ERR_NS_SNMP_CONFIG 20045 Failed to do SNMP configuration
ERR_GUESTVM_UPGRADE_TOOLS 40002 Failed to upgrade sdxtools
ERR_XAPI_ADVVMS 150026 Failed to Advertise VM UUID
ERR_SVM_REBOOT 20000 Failed to reboot Management Service
ERR_XAPI_DEL_VBD 150021 Failed to delete VBD
ERR_SEND_INVENTORY_MESSAGE 500004 Failed to send message to inventory
ERR_XAPI_GET_VBD 150019 Failed to get VBD
ERR_BR_CONFIGSYSLOG 20030 Failed to Configure Syslog server on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_PARAM_MISMATCH 10016 Build and Documentation file version mismatch
ERR_BR_ENABLE 20027 Failed to enable Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_FORM_CLUSTER 30036 Failed to form cluster on VPX
ERR_NS_SNMP_TRAP_CONFIG 20046 Failed to do SNMP trap configuration
ERR_NOT_AUTHORIZED 10013 Not authorized to perform this operation
ERR_ADD_TRAP 500003 Failed to add trap destination
ERR_ADD_DEVICE 30032 Failed to Add Device
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINER_CREATE 50023 Failed to create docker container
ERR_PARAM_MISSING 10007 Parameter missing
ERR_RESOURCE_CONVERSION 10002 Resource conversion failed
ERR_BR_BROKER_UPGRADE 20100 Failed to upgrade Citrix SD-WAN Accelerator
ERR_MAX_BRVPX 11011 Maximum Citrix SD-WAN Instances reached
ERR_GUESTVM_DOWNGRADE 400015 Failed to downgrade
ERR_XAPI_ADD_VM 15001 Failed to add VM
ERR_MAX_NSVPX 11002 Maximum Citrix ADC Instances reached
ERR_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE 60010 Service is not available
ERR_ADD_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES 40009 Error while adding channel to VM
ERR_XAPI_DELETE_NETWORK 150017 Failed to delete Network
ERR_GUESTVM_TECH_SUPPORT 40006 Error getting techsupport bundle
ERR_NS_GET_RUNNINGCONFIG 20003 Failed to get running configuration
ERR_XAPI_GET_VM 15000 Failed to get VM
ERR_ENABLING_CLUSTER 30039 Failed to enable cluster feature on VPX
ERR_MANDATORY_PARAM_MISSING 10006 Mandatory parameter missing
ERR_BULK_OPERATION 30000 Error in bulk operation
ERR_DISK_STOP_LOCATE_FAILED 20202 Failed to stop disk locate
ERR_SET_STATUS_CALLHOME 20052 Failed to enable/disable CallHome in Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_NS_SET_NSCONFIG 20008 Failed to set Citrix ADC config
ERR_BR_GET_BRCONFIG 20024 Failed to get Citrix SD-WAN Instance config
ERR_DISK_FORMAT_FAILED 20200 Failed to format disk
ERR_NS_GET_STATNS 20022 Failed to get statistics of Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_NOT_EXISTS 10011 Resource does not exist
ERR_NTP_SERVER_ADD 50011 Failed to add NTP Server
ERR_CLU_NOT_ENABLED 30034 Cluster feature not enabled on VPX
ERR_NS_RM_INTERNAL_ARP 20054 Failed to remove internal arp
ERR_BACKUPRESTORE_INPROGRESS 11012 System maintenance in progress. Please try after some time
ERR_RM_FORWARDINGSESSION 20038 Failed to delete Forwarding Sessions on Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_GUESTVM_SET_LICENSE 40003 Failed to set license
ERR_XAPI_TECHSUPPORT 15009 Failed to generate Technical support archive
ERR_GUESTVM_RESTORE_CONFIG 40004 Failed to retore configuration
ERR_APPLY_LICENSES 11004 Failed to apply licenses
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINER_DELETE 50020 Failed to delete docker container
ERR_NO_THROUGHOUT 11006 Throughput can not be assigned, Please get the licenses.
ERR_SFTP_UPLOAD 16002 SFTP failed to upload
ERR_SESSION_TIMEOUT_VALIDATION_FAILED 10019 Invalid login session timeout
ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_THIS_VERSION_OF_XEN 10017 Feature not supported for this version of XenServer
ERR_XAPI_GET_VDI 150022 Failed to get VDI
ERR_BR_CONFIGALERT 20029 Failed to Configure Alert on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINERID_NOTFOUND 50021 Failed to find container ID on host
ERR_BR_CONFIGBANDWIDTH 20031 Failed to Configure Bandwidth on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_NS_GET_SAVEDCONFIG 20004 Failed to get saved configuration
ERR_NS_GET_NSCONFIG 20016 Failed to get Citrix ADC config
ERR_XAPI_ADD_VDI 150023 Failed to add VDI
ERR_ADD_DOMAINID 500032 Failed to add observation domain ID
ERR_XAPI_SET_LOOPBACK 400022 Failed to configure loopback settings
ERR_SVM_UPGRADE 20001 Failed to upgrade Management Service
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_NSIP 20011 Failed to add/set nsip
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_SYS_CMDPOLICY 20013 Failed to add/set system command policy
ERR_XAPI_ADD_VLAN 400018 Failed to add VLAN
ERR_SESSION_NOT_EXIST 444 Session expired or cancelled. Please login again
ERR_INVALID_RESOURCE 10005 Invalid Resource
DONE 0 Done
ERR_XAPI_GET_CPU 15002 Failed to get CPU
ERR_LOGIN_FAILED 10001 Invalid username/password
ERR_NS_BIND_SYS_USER 20014 Failed to bind system user
ERR_GET_BOND 40013 Error while getting bonds from XenServer
ERR_REMOVE_CLUSTER 30038 Failed to remove cluster instance from VPX
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_ROUTE 20010 Failed to add/set route
ERR_PLUGIN_CALL_FAILED 10018 Plugin call failed
ERR_SYSTEM_NOT_INITIALIZED 50016 System not initialized
ERR_BR_ADDUSER 20032 Failed to Add User on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINER_REBOOT 50025 Failed to reboot docker container
ERR_XAPI_DEL_VIF 150015 Failed to delete VIF
ERR_NS_GET_NSIP 20018 Failed to get Citrix ADC Instance IP Address
ERR_BR_LOCALLICENSE 20035 Failed to Configure Local License Server on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_BR_RESTART 20033 Failed to Restart Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_SET_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES 40007 Error while setting channel properties
ERR_UNLOCK_INVENTORY 50010 Failed to unlock inventory
ERR_GUESTVM_UPGRADE 40001 Failed to upgrade
ERR_NS_UPGRADE 20005 Failed to upgrade Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_XAPI_ADD_NSTRACE 150025 Failed to add Citrix ADC trace uuid
ERR_NTP_SERVER_MODIFY 50012 Failed to modify NTP Server
ERR_GET_CBWANOPT_CONFIG 50031 Failed to get Citrix SD-WAN WO configuration
ERR_INVALID_ACTION 10015 Invalid Action
ERR_BR_SNMP_ENABLE 20048 Failed to enable SNMP in Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_EXPORT_REPORT 50008 Failed to Export report
ERR_XAPI_GET_VLAN 400017 Failed to get VLAN
ERR_INVALID_HOST_TYPE 10003 Invalid host type
ERR_GET_SDWANVW_CONFIG 50030 Failed to get Citrix SD-WAN VW configuration
ERR_MIGRATION_IN_PROGRESS 50017 Migration In Progress
ERR_ADD_MANAGER_BR 20026 Failed to add SNMP Manager to Citrix SD-WAN Instance
ERR_XAPI_VIRTUAL_NMI 150027 Failed to generate Crash dump on Citrix ADC VPX
ERR_CBSDX_UPGRADE 50022 Failed to upgrade CBSDX
ERR_ADD_TRAP_BR 20050 Failed to add SNMP trap destination in Citrix SD-WAN.
ERR_MODIFICATION_INPROGRESS 11009 Modification in progress
ERR_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND 10009 Device not found
ERR_NS_SET_VSERVER_APPFLOW_CONFIG 20043 Failed to set vserver appflow configuration at Citrix ADC
ERR_NS_GET_NSSSLCERT 20040 Failed to get SSL certificates from Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_XAPI_GET_NETWORK 15004 Failed to get Network
ERR_XAPI_GET_HOST 15003 Failed to get Host
ERR_MAX_THROUGHOUT 11008 Maximum Throughput reached
ERR_SET_CALLHOME 20051 Failed to configure CallHome in Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_SNMP_COMMUNITY 20007 Failed to add/set snmp community
ERR_LOCK_INVENTORY 50009 Failed to lock inventory
ERR_GET_NS_CHANNEL_INFO 40014 Error while getting channel information from Citrix ADC
ERR_GUESTVM_RE_INIT 400019 Failed to reinitialize configuration
ERR_NS_GET_CONFIG_DIFF 20047 Failed to get configuration diff from Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_BR_DISABLE 20028 Failed to disable Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_CLU_NOT_SUPPORTED 30033 Cluster not supported on VPX
ERR_BR_RESTORECONFIG 20034 Failed to Restore Config on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_REMOVE_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES 40008 Error while removing channel from VM
ERR_NS_RM_SSL_CERTKEY 20041 Failed to remove ssl certkey from Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_BACKUP_PARTIAL 30031 Backup partially completed
ERR_BR_SFTP_ENABLE 20049 Failed to enable SFTP in Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_NTP_SERVER_DELETE 50013 Failed to delete NTP Server
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_INTERNAL_ARP 20055 Failed to add/set internal arp
ERR_BR_GET_APPFLOW_CONFIGURATION 50007 Failed to Get Appflow configuration information on Citrix SD-WAN
ERR_NS_ADD_SET_SYS_USER 20012 Failed to add/set system user
ERR_BR_LOGINTOKEN 20039 Failed to get Session ID on Citrix SD-WAN Instance
ERR_XAPI_GET_VIF 15007 Failed to get VIF
ERR_MAX_SSLCORES 11003 Maximum SSL cores reached
ERR_ADD_FORWARDINGSESSION 20037 Failed to add Forwarding Sessions on Citrix ADC Instance
ERR_DEFAULT_ENTITY 11005 Default entity can not be modified/deleted
ERR_NS_SET_MODE 20053 Failed to set mode
ERR_DISK_LOCATE_FAILED 20201 Failed to locate disk
ERR_NS_CERT_CREATE_FAILED 20203 Failed to create certificate
ERR_BR_REPLICATE_CONFIG 20025 Failed to replicate Citrix SD-WAN Instance config
ERR_NOT_FOUND_IN_SELECTED_DURATION 60009 No result found in selected duration.
ERR_NITRO_BLOCKED 50018 Nitro access blocked
ERR_PORT_DETAILS_FAILED 15011 Failed to get port details
ERR_APPLYING_CONFIG_FAILED 60009 Failed to applying config.
ERR_NS_GET_NSVERSION 20020 Failed to get Citrix ADC instance version
ERR_NO_VSERVER_LICENSE 60008 Selected Vserver Marked as UnLicensed
ERR_TIMEZONE_SET 50014 Failed to set timezone
ERR_DEVICE_NOT_REACHABLE 500002 Failed to reach device
ERR_PORT_RESTORE_DEFAULT_FAILED 15012 Failed to restore defaults for port
ERR_DECIMAL_THROUGHOUT 11007 Throughput can not be assigned in decimals
ERR_VALIDATION_FAILED 10014 Validation failed
ERR_CHANGE_PASSWORD_SVM 11000 Fail to change password
ERR_ADM_UPGRADE 20001 Failed to upgrade ADM
ERR_XAPI_DEL_VDI 150024 Failed to delete VDI
ERR_XAPI_ADD_VIF 15008 Failed to add VIF
ERR_DOCKERAPI_CONTAINER_STOP 50019 Failed to stop docker container
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