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Short Description

The VDA Update Service PowerShell snap-in provides administrative functions for the VDA Update Service.

Command Prefix

All commands in this snap-in have the noun prefixed with 'Vus'.

Long Description

The VDA Update Service PowerShell snap-in enables both local and remote administration of the VDA Update Service.

The VDA Update Service (or VUS for short) allows Citrix administrators to schedule updates for VDA machines.

The snap-in provides storage and configuration of these entities:

ComponentVersion Represents the version of a particular component on a machine. Component are defined by the ComponentConfiguration table.

ComponentConfiguration Represents the configuration to find current version of component installed on VDA

Catalog Represents the machine catalog related persistent information.

Schedule Represents the Schedule information. A schedule can either be a catalog or group of machines.

MachineSchedule Represents the Machine Upgrade information.

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