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Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor Developer Guide

Build the Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor

To build the Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor container, you need to have the following software installed on your machine:

  • Docker
  • Make
  • Go 1.13 version

To build images, run the following command:

make build

To create the Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor container, run the following command:

make docker_build

Testing the Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor

Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor is developed to work generically for Ingress and sidecar proxy. So, testing Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor in any mode of Citrix ADC CPX is enough. Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor's test coverage primarily focuses on Unit testing of Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor code and Integration testing with Citrix ADC.

As a prerequisite for testing Citrix ADC xDS-adaptor, run Citrix ADC CPX in the same machine.

Specify the following environment variables before running the test command.

Parameter Description
NS_TEST_IP Citrix ADC management IP
NS_TEST_LOGIN Citrix ADC user name
NS_TEST_PASSWORD Citrix ADC password

Tests with code coverage are invoked with make utest. This triggers both unit and integration tests.

    make utest

You can clean up using the following command:

    make clean
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