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Helm charts for Citrix ADC integration with Istio

The citrix-helm-charts repository contains Helm charts for installing Citrix ADC CPX as Ingress Gateway, Egress Gateway, and sidecar proxy in Istio version 1.6.4.

Note: Charts may require access to the kube-system namespace and require cluster wide permissions for full functionality. Install and configure the Helm client and Tiller.

Helm installation

For more information, see Helm Installation Guide.

Stable charts

The stable directory contains charts which are created and tested by Citrix.


citrix-adc-istio-ingress-gateway -Use this chart to deploy Citrix ADC as an Ingress Gateway in an Istio environment.

citrix-cpx-istio-sidecar-injector -Use this chart to deploy resources responsible for injecting Citrix ADC CPX as a sidecar in Istio Service Mesh.

citrix-adc-istio-egress-gateway -Use this chart to deploy Citrix ADC as an Egress Gateway in an Istio environment.


Chart's README describes the functionality and values.yaml shows the default values.

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