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Ingress class support

What is Ingress class?

In a Kubernetes cluster, there might be multiple ingress controllers and you need to have a way to associate a particular ingress resource with an ingress controller.

You can specify the ingress controller that should handle the ingress resource by using the annotation in your ingress resource definition.

Citrix ingress controller and Ingress classes

Citrix ingress controller supports accepting multiple ingress resources, which have annotation. Each ingress resource can be associated with only one ingress.class. However Ingress Controller might need to handle various ingress resources from different classes.

You can associate Ingress Controller with multiple ingress classes using the --ingress-classes argument under spec section of the YAML file.

If ingress-classes is not specified for the Ingress Controller, then it accepts all ingress resources irrespective of the presence of annotation in the ingress object.

If ingress-classes is specified, then Ingress Controller accepts only those ingress resources that match the annotation. Ingress resource without the ingress.class annotation is not handled by Ingress Controller in the given case.


Ingress class names are case-insensitive.

Sample yaml configurations with Ingress classes

Following is the snippet from a sample yaml file to associate ingress-classes with the Ingress Controller. This works in both cases where Ingress Controller runs as a standalone pod or runs as sidecar with Citrix ADC CPX. In the given yaml snippet, following ingress classes are associated with the Ingress Controller.

  • my-custom-class

  • Citrix

    serviceAccountName: cic-k8s-role
    - name: cic-k8s-ingress-controller
      # specify the ingress classes names to be supportedbyIngress Controller in args section.
      # First line should be --ingress-classes, andeverysubsequent line should be
      # the name of allowed ingress class. In the givenexampletwo classes named
      # "citrix" and "my-custom-class" are accepted. Thiswill be case-insensitive.
        - --ingress-classes

Following is the snippet from an Ingress yaml file where the Ingress class association is depicted. In the given example, Ingress resource named web-ingress is associated with the ingress class my-custom-class. If Citrix ingress controller is configured to accept my-custom-class, it processes this Ingress resource.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: web-ingress
  annotations: "my-custom-class"

Updating the Ingress status for the Ingress resources with the specified IP address

To update the Status.LoadBalancer.Ingress field of the Ingress resources managed by the Citrix ingress controller with the allocated IP addresses, specify the command line argument --update-ingress-status yes when you start the Citrix ingress controller. This feature is only supported for the Citrix ingress controller deployed as a stand-alone pod for managing Citrix ADC VPX or MPX. For Citrix ADC CPXs deployed as sidecars, this feature is not supported.

Following is an example YAML with the --update-ingress-status yes command line argument enabled.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: cic-k8s-ingress-controller
  serviceAccountName: cic-k8s-role
  - name: cic-k8s-ingress-controller
   image: ""
    # Set NetScaler NSIP/SNIP, SNIP in case of HA (mgmt has to be enabled)
    - name: "NS_IP"
      value: <Citrix ADC management IP>
    # Set username for Nitro
    - name: "NS_USER"
          name: nslogin
          key: username
    # Set user password for Nitro
    - name: "NS_PASSWORD"
          name: nslogin
          key: password
    - name: "EULA"
      value: "yes"
    - --feature-node-watch false
    - --ipam citrix-ipam-controller
    - --update-ingress-status yes
    imagePullPolicy: Always
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