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Get Active Alerts on the License Server


Get-LicAlerts [-AdminAddress] <String> -ProductEditionModel <String> -SADate <String> [-FilterThreshold <Int32>] [-MetaData <String>] [-Locale <String>] [-CertHash <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Gets the alerts active on the License Server for the given Product Edition Model and required Customer Success Services date. Returns the alert list of message strings in requested locale.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
AdminAddress Specifies the Web Services for Licensing address of the License Server that the PowerShell Snap-in will connect to. Retrieve this address with Get-LicLocation. true true (ByValue)
ProductEditionModel The P_E_M Product Edition Model String for which Alerts are requested. true false
SADate The required Customer Success Services date of the product. true false
FilterThreshold Threshold for license usage expressed in percentage, some alert notifications are included only if license usage is above this threshold. false false
MetaData Optional Data Client might need included in response for its internal purposes. false false
Locale Language code of localized human-readable strings. false false
CertHash Specifies the hash of the License Server certificate needing verification. false false

Input Type

Return Values



If the command fails, one of the following errors is returned.
Error Codes
Succesfully Imported the File to License Server
The required Customer Success Services date format is incorrect
There was a problem communicating with the License Server.
An unexpected error occurred. For more details, see the Windows event logs on the controller.


Example 1

``` PS C:> $cert = Get-LicCertificate -AdminAddress

PS C:> $alerts = Get-LicAlerts -AdminAddress -ProductEditionModel "XDT_PLT_CCS" -SADate "2013.0123" -FilterThreshold 90 -CertHash $cert.CertHash

PS C:> $alerts.AlertList[0].Description

Title Detail Action

----- ------ ------

Customer Success Services does not supp... This product version is not supporte... Renew the licenses (Customer Succ... ```Gets alerts active on the License Server for product XDT Platinum edition Concurrent model with required Customer Success Services date 2013.0123 filtered with a usage threshold of 90%

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