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Gets the historical usage details for the requested products.


Get-LicHistoricalUsage [-AdminAddress] <String> [-StartDate <DateTime>] [-EndDate <DateTime>] [-Products <String[]>] -SADate <String> [-CertHash <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Returns the historical usage details between start and end dates for requested products with specified Customer Success Services (CSS Date) in requested locale.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
AdminAddress Specifies the Web Services for Licensing address of the License Server that the PowerShell Snap-in will connect to. Retrieve this address with Get-LicLocation. true true (ByValue)
StartDate Specifies the start date of the historical usage data being requested. false false 01/01/1970
EndDate Specifies the end date of the historical usage data being requested. false false Current Date and Time
Products Array of Products for which historical data is to be collected. If not specified, historical data for all the products is collected. false false All Product Edition Model
SADate The required Customer Success Services date (CSS Date) of the product. true false
CertHash Specifies the hash of the License Server certificate to be verified false false

Input Type


Return Values



If the command fails, one of the following errors is returned.
Error Codes
There was a problem communicating with the License Server.
Certificate Is Not Verified It is Self-Signed. So Get The Certificate And Store The Hash In Ccs.
Certificate Is Not Verified Its Self-Signed. So Get The Certificate And Store The Hash In Ccs.
An unexpected error occurred. For more details, see the Windows event logs on the controller.
The required Customer Success Services date format is incorrect.
StartDate is after EndDate.
ProductEditionModel format is wrong.


Example 1

``` PS C:> $cert = Get-LicCertificate -AdminAddress

PS C:> $startDate = Get-Date -Day 01 -Month 11 -Year 2014

PS C:> $endDate = Get-Date -Day 28 -Month 02 -Year 2015

PS C:>

PS C:> $historicalusg = Get-LicHistoricalUsage -AdminAddress -StartDate $startDate -EndDate $endDate -SADate 2015.0218 -Products @("XDT_ENT_UD", "XDT_PLT_UD") -CertHash $cert.CertHash ```Returns the historical usage about XDT_ENT_UD and XDT_PLT_UD between 1st Nov, 2014 and 28th Feb, 2015<br>Output:<br>PS C:\ > \$historicalusg<br>LSVersion : v11.12.1.0 build 146690 (ipv6) i86_n3<br>MacAddress : 40-A8-F0-55-CD-6C<br>EarliestDateOfSample : 2/13/2015 6:01:40 AM<br>MostRecentDateOfSample : 2/13/2015 10:27:59 AM<br>LicPoolUsage : {Citrix.Licensing.Admin.SDK.WSLLicensePoolUsage,<br>Citrix.Licensing.Admin.SDK.WSLLicensePoolUsage,<br>Citrix.Licensing.Admin.SDK.WSLLicensePoolUsage,<br>Citrix.Licensing.Admin.SDK.WSLLicensePoolUsage...}<br>PS C:\> \$historicalusg.LicPoolUsage[0].LicPool<br>ProductEditionModel : XDT_ENT_UD<br>CustomerSuccessServicesDate : 2015.1201<br>ExpirationDate : 12/1/2015<br>TotalLicensesIncludingOverDraft : 100<br>OverdraftLicenses : 10<br>LicenseSerialNos : 1<br>VendorString : ;LT=Retail;GP=720;CL=VDS,VDA,VDE;SA=0;LP=90;ODP=0;NUDURMIN=2880;NUDURMAX=525600<br>LicenseType : Retail<br>Notices : Citrix Systems Inc.<br>StartDates :<br>LicenseIssueDate : 18-dec-2005<br>PS C:\> \$historicalusg.LicPoolUsage[0].UsgSampleList[0]<br>Datetime Count<br>-------- -----<br>2/13/2015 6:01:40 AM 0

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