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Gets the friendly name of the products and license types saved on License Server.


Get-LicLocalizedNames [-AdminAddress] <String> [-Locale <String>] [-CertHash <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Returns the friendly name of the products and license types (in the requested locale), which are stored on the License Server.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
AdminAddress Specifies the Web Services for Licensing address of the License Server that the PowerShell Snap-in will connect to. Retrieve this address with Get-LicLocation. true true (ByValue)
Locale Language code of localized human readable strings. false false en
CertHash Specifies the hash of the License Server certificate needing verification. false false

Input Type


Return Values



If the command fails, one of the following errors is returned.
Error Codes
There was a problem communicating with the License Server.
Certificate is not verified or it is self-signed. Get the Certificate and store the Hash in Ccs.
Certificate is not verified or it is self-signed. Get the Certificate and store the Hash in Ccs.
An unexpected error occurred. For more details, see the Windows event logs on the controller


Example 1

``` PS C:>$cert = Get-LicCertificate -AdminAddress

PS C:>$loc = Get-LicLocalizedNames -AdminAddress -CertHash $cert.CertHash -Locale en ```Returns the friendly products and license types name stored on the License Server in English.<br>Output:<br>PS C:\> \$loc<br>Features LicenseTypes<br>-------- ------------<br>{XDT_PLT_UD, XDT_PLT_CCS, XDT_ENT_UD, XDT_ENT_CCS...} {DE, TP, Eval, RetailS...}<br>PS C:\> \$loc.Features<br>FeatureName ProductNameandEdition ModelName Version<br>----------- --------------------- --------- -------<br>XDT_PLT_UD Citrix XenDesktop Platinum User/Device 1.0<br>XDT_PLT_CCS Citrix XenDesktop Platinum Concurrent 2.0<br>XDT_ENT_UD Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise User/Device 1.0<br>XDT_ENT_CCS Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise Concurrent 2.0<br>XDT_APP_UD Citrix XenDesktop App User/Device 1.0<br>XDT_ADV_UD Citrix XenDesktop Advanced User/Device 1.0<br>XDT_STD_UD Citrix XenDesktop VDI User/Device 2.0<br>XDT_STD_CCS Citrix XenDesktop VDI Concurrent 3.0<br>XDS_PLT_CCS Citrix XenDesktop Platinum Concurrent (Legacy) 3.0<br>XDS_ENT_CCS Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise Concurrent (Legacy) 3.0<br>XDS_ADV_CCS Citrix XenDesktop Advanced Concurrent (Legacy) 3.0<br>XDS_STD_CCS Citrix XenDesktop VDI Concurrent (Legacy) 4.0<br>CTXLSDIAG Citrix License Server Diagnostics... Server 1.0<br>CITRIX Citrix Start-up License Server 1.0<br>PS C:\> \$loc.LicenseTypes<br>TypeName FriendlyName Version<br>-------- ------------ -------<br>DE Developer Edition 1.0<br>TP Technology Preview 1.0<br>Eval Evaluation 1.0<br>RetailS Expiring Retail 1.0<br>Retail Retail 1.0<br>NFR Not For Resale 1.0<br>SYS System 1.0

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