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Sets the permission level of the specified License Server administrator.


Set-LicAdministrator [-AdminAddress] <String> [-Account <String>] [-AccountSid <String>] [-Group] [-ReadOnly] [-CertHash <String>] [-Credentials <PSCredential>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

By default, all members of the BUILTIN\Administrators group on the License Server, and the user who installed the License Server, automatically have full administrative permission.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
AdminAddress Specifies the Web Services for Licensing address of the License Server that the PowerShell Snap-in will connect to. Retrieve this address with Get-LicLocation. true true (ByValue)
Account Specifies the Active Directory account or group for which permission to the License Server should be modified. The account must be specified in domain-qualified format, that is, <Domain>\<Account> or <Account>@<Domain>. false false
AccountSid Specifies the security identifier of the account for which permission to the License Server should be modified, in security descriptor definition language form, for example, S-1-5-21-3207821160-2749172716-209583687-3116639481-3523051251. false false
Group Specifies that the account name supplied is a Group. false false
ReadOnly Specifies that the account should have read-only permission. false false
CertHash Specifies the hash of the License Server certificate needing verification. false false
Credentials Specifies the username/password to be authenticated with the License Server. false false

Input Type

Return Values



If the command fails, one of the following errors is returned.
Error Codes
The specified Active Directory account or group could not be found.
The currently authenticated user is not authorized to perform this operation.
There was a problem communicating with the License Server.
An unexpected error occurred. For more details, see the Windows event logs on the controller.


Example 1

C:\PS>Set-LicAdministrator -AdminAddress -Account mydomain\testuser1

Account                AccountSid                                       Group      Permissions

-------                ----------                                       -----      -----------

mydomain\testuser1     S-1-5-21-1315084875-1285793635-24181...          False      Full
```Sets the permission of testuser1 in the domain named 'mydomain' to full administrator for the specified License Server.
### Example 2

C:\PS>Set-LicAdministrator -AdminAddress -Account "mydomain\Domain users" -Group -ReadOnly

Account AccountSid Group Permissions

------- ---------- ----- -----------

mydomain\Domain Users S-1-5-21-1315084875-1285793635-513 True ReadOnly ```Sets the permission of all domain users in the domain named 'mydomain' to ReadOnly for the specified License Server.

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