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Using Example Programs

The example programs included with the Virtual Channel SDK are buildable, working virtual channels. Use these examples to:

  • Verify your Virtual Channel SDK is correct by building a known working example program.
  • Provide working examples of code that can be modified to suit your requirements.
  • Explore the features and functionality provided in the Virtual Channel SDK.

The example programs included with the Virtual Channel SDK are:

  • Ping: Records the round-trip delay time for a test packet sent over a virtual channel.
  • Mix: Demonstrates a mechanism to call functions (for example, to get the time of day) on a remote client.
  • Over: Simple asynchronous application that demonstrates how to code an application where the server must receive a response from the client asynchronously, and where the type of packet being sent to the client is different from the type received.

Each example includes a description of the program, packet format, and other necessary information. For more information, see

Was this article helpful?