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Programmers guide to Citrix CCM SDK

CCM (Citrix Common Connection Manager) SDK provides APIs that are used to obtain the session information. The information is used in a custom application to modify the appearance.


Client-Side Requirements

CCM SDK API is a part of Citrix Receiver for Windows installation package. Install Citrix Receiver on the client device. Ensure that the CCMSDK.dll and CCMProxy.dll (for 32-bit machine) and CCMSDK64.dll and CCMProxy64.dll (for 64-bit machine) are present in the Receiver installation folder.

If you are using Citrix Receiver for Windows Version 4.11 and later, install the Microsoft Visual 2017 C++ Redistributable Package using the following link:

Server-Side Requirements

CCM SDK requires an active ICA session between the client and the server.