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Remove cached certificates on the Federated Authentication Service.


Remove-FasUserCertificate [-UserPrincipalName <String>] [-Rule <String[]>] [-CertificateDefinition <String>] [-Address <String>] [-UserName <String>] [-Password <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

This command deletes certificates and private keys managed by the Federated Authentication Service. This may affect users who are currently using Virtual Smart Cards as the private key will be immediately unavailable. The Federated Authentication Service will automatically remove certificates when they have expire, so it is unusually not necessary to explicitly delete them. Note that this command does not itself prevent equivalent certificates being regenerated when the user next logs in, nor does it revoke certificates that are currently in use.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
UserPrincipalName Filter by UPN on certificate. false true (ByPropertyName) \$NULL
Rule Filter by Rule name. false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
CertificateDefinition Filter by Certificate Type. false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
SecurityContext Filter by Security Context. false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
Address Address of FAS Server (or \$NULL to use \$CitrixFasAddress) false true (ByPropertyName) \$CitrixFasAddress
UserName User name to use for authentication to FAS server (\$NULL for current user account) false true (ByPropertyName) \$NULL
Password Password for authentication to FAS server (\$NULL for current user account) false true (ByPropertyName) \$NULL

Input Type

Variable, based on property name

This cmdlet does accept input from the pipeline but only by property name.

Return Values


This cmdlet returns a list of FasUserCertificate object



C:\PS> $CitrixFasAddress=(Get-FasServer)[0].Address
C:\PS> Remove-FasUserCertificate -UserPrincipalName ""

This code immediately deletes all certificates and private keys associated with certificates issued to