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Modify an existing Certificate Definition object (recipe for issuing a certificate).


Set-FasCertificateDefinition -Name <String> [-CertificateTemplate <String>] [-AuthorizationCertificate <String>] [-CertificateAuthorities <String[]>] [-PolicyOids <String>] [-InSession [<Boolean>]] [-Address <String>] [-UserName <String>] [-Password <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Change the confiration of an existing Certificate Definition object that the FAS is using to generate certificates. When generating a certificate, the FAS requires various pieces of information. Including:

  • The CertificateTemplate to request (see Get-FasMsTemplate)
  • A list of loadbalanced/failover Certificate Authority Addresses (see Get-FasMsCertificateAuthority)
  • A reference to the AuthorizationCertificate to use to Authorize the request (see Get-FasAuthorizationCertificate)
  • A list of additional Issuance Policy OIDs to add to the certificate request (see Get-FasPolicyOid)
  • A flag indicating if the certificate can be used as an in-session Virtual Smart Card, or only for the logon process. Note that Certificate Definition objects can only be created and managed by the FAS Server administrator, although they can be referenced by "Rule" administrators.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Name Specify the name of the certificate definition to modify true true (ByPropertyName) (default)
CertificateTemplate Change the name of Certificate Template to use to issue this certificate false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
AuthorizationCertificate Change a the Guid Id of an AuthorizationCertificate object false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
CertificateAuthorities Change the list of Addresses of Certificate Authorities that can issue these certificates false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
PolicyOids Change the list of Issuance Policy OIDs to request in the certificate false true (ByPropertyName) (empty)
InSession Set to \$FALSE to only allow this certificate to be used for authentication false true (ByPropertyName) (default)
Address Address of FAS Server (or \$NULL to use \$CitrixFasAddress) false true (ByPropertyName) \$CitrixFasAddress
UserName User name to use for authentication to FAS server (\$NULL for current user account) false true (ByPropertyName) \$NULL
Password Password for authentication to FAS server (\$NULL for current user account) false true (ByPropertyName) \$NULL

Input Type

Variable, based on property name

This cmdlet does accept input from the pipeline but only by property name.

Return Values


This cmdlet does not return a value



C:\PS> $CitrixFasAddress=(Get-FasServer)[0].Address
C:\PS> $DefaultCA=(Get-FasMsCertificateAuthority -Default).Address
C:\PS> $AuthorizationCertificate=(Get-FasAuthorizationCertificate)[0].Id
C:\PS> Set-FasCertificateDefinition -Name MyCertificateDefinition -CertificateAuthorities $DefaultCA -MsTemplate "Citrix_SmartcardLogon" -AuthorizationCertificate $AuthorizationCertificate

Updates an existing certificate definition to use the first authorization certificate to issue Citrix_SmartcardLogon certificates from the default CA