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Operates on HTTP Request.

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.


Returns the body of the HTTP request as a multiline text object. NOTE: This usage is deprecated; you should use HTTP.REQ.BODY(uint) instead.

Returns: text_t

BODY (uint i)

Operate as Text on the HTTP response body. The length of the body is equal to the number in the argument. If there aren't enough characters in the body then the entire body is selected.

Parameters :

i - Body length

Returns: text_t


Returns the HTTP Cache-Control object.

Returns: http_cache_control_t


Returns the length of the HTTP request as a number.

Returns: http_content_length_t


(Name/Value List) Returns the contents of the HTTP Cookie header as a name/value list.

Returns: http_cookie_t


Returns the CS vserver serving the current request.

Returns: vserver_t


Returns the contents of the HTTP Date header as text or as a date object.The date formats recognized are: RFC822. Sun, 06 Jan 1980 08:49:37 GMT RFC850. Sunday, 06-Jan-80 9:49:37 GMT ASCTIME. Sun Jan 6 08:49:37 1980

Returns: http_date_t


Returns the entire request header (including the terminating \r\n\r\n)

Returns: text_t

HEADER ( text_t header_name)

Returns the contents of the HTTP header specified by the String argument. The header name cannot be longer than 32 characters.

Parameters (expressions not allowed):

header_name - Header Name

Returns: http_header_t


Obtain the HTTP Host Name object from this request. If the target hostname is present in the first line of the request then that is selected. Otherwise the value in the last occurrence of the HOST header is selected.

Returns: http_hostname_t


Returns TRUE if request is part of NTLM or NEGOTIATE connection

Returns: bool_at


Returns TRUE if the HTTP request is properly formed.

Returns: bool_at


Returns the LB vserver serving the current request.

Returns: vserver_t


Returns the HTTP method.

Returns: http_method_t


Returns the HTTP body tracking mechanism.

Returns: http_tracking_e


Returns the HTTP Transaction ID. The value is a function of an internal transaction number, system boot time and system mac address. HTTP.REQ.TXID is same as HTTP.RES.TXID.

Returns: text_t


Obtain the HTTP URL object from the request. The Text object backing the HTTP URL object has the Text Mode set to URLENCODED by default.

Returns: http_url_t


Returns the AAA User associated with the current HTTP transaction.

Returns: aaa_user_t


Returns the HTTP version.

Returns: http_version_t

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