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Describes a MySQL query.

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.

Note: Expressions with the * symbol are inherited/promoted from sql_query_t.


String for the first keyword of the query.

Returns: text_t


Integer representing the Size of the request query. Similar to CONTENT_LENGTH property of HTTP.

Returns: num_at


Returns a string covering the entire query.

Returns: text_t

TEXT (uint n)

Returns a string covering the first n bytes of query. Like HTTP.BODY(n).

Parameters :

n - first bytes in query

Returns: text_t


Convert mysql_req_query_t to sql_query_t. Will raise an undef if the value is null, empty, or the value has an invalid format for the destination type. (sql_query_t : Describes a SQL query.)

Returns: sql_query_t

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