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mysql response ok object. Allows to access the ok packet properties of the response.

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.


number of rows affected by INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.

Returns: unsigned_long_at


If the statement (query) generated any AUTO_INCREMENT number, it is returned here. Otherwise this field contains 0.

Returns: unsigned_long_at


returns text message after INSERT etc queries.

Returns: text_t


Client can use the server status to check if command was inside a transaction. Server status contains a bit string, each bit corresponds to these fields: IN TRANSACTION, AUTO_COMMIT, MORE RESULTS, MULTI QUERY, BAD INDEX USED, NO INDEX USED, CURSOR EXISTS, LAST ROW SEEN, DATABASE DROPPED, and NO BACKSLASH ESCAPES.

Returns: num_at


returns the warning_count attribute of OK Packet.

Returns: num_at

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