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Getting Started

This document will show you how to begin using the NetScaler Ansible modules.

First, obtain Python 2.7 and Ansible if you do not already have them.

The version of Ansible that is required is at least 2.4.0.

Installing Ansible

Installing Ansible may be accomplished through the following methods.

Further documentation on installing Ansible may be found in github

Using pip

pip install ansible

Using your package manager

E.g. in a Debian based Linux distribution

apt-get install ansible

Using a direct checkout

git clone

cd ansible

source hacking/env-setup

Verifying the installation

Following any installation method you should be able to run the following code which will print out the ansible version you will be using

ansible --version

Installing Modules

To install the latest version of the NetScaler modules run the following commands

git clone

cd netscaler-ansible-modules


The install script will detect where the ansible library is installed and will try to copy the module files to the appropriate directories.


The last step may require root priviledges depending on where ansible is installed.


Last we are going to see how to make a simple playbook.

   - name: Create a server
       delegate_to: localhost
       gather_facts: no

           nitro_user: nsroot
           nitro_pass: nsroot

           state: present

           name: test-server-1